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How about the elections...

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This is taking a long time isn't it?

I wonder when will they have a final decision...

I understand there will be no cat in the white house either way , but this is the forum for not-cat-related issues as well
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Yes, I can not believe how long it is taken. Although I am not in America, it is very publicised here in the U.K.

Oh, and just to let you know Anne. I kept a very close eye on my 8 year old cat yesterday and her drinking and she did not drink any more until later in the afternoon. I will definately be keeping a close eye on her though as I will have to admit...I am a paranoid mother!!

Hope ur okay,
Marie x
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*claps hands over ears*
*runs screaming from the room*
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When Oh When will it all be over? This election is the craziest thing I have ever seen!
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What are you talking about? It was over quick and easy (although still unnecessary...) - Liberals with a huge majority! It was kind of surprising that they won by so much, considering the controversy surrounding their campaign.

I'm talking about the Canadian election, which was yesterday. I understand that there are elections going on in several other countries right now too (and problems with leadership in Japan, Peru & the Phillipines I think. Other countries too I'm sure.)
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This is the United States Presidential election we are talking about. Too bad it wasn't settled as easily as the Canadian one! In my opinion, Bush has won, from the beginning, but Gore refuses to admit defeat. (as my mom used to say....just take your ball and go home)meaning Al Gore doesnt seem to want to play by the rules or admit loosing, so if he cant play nice....

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