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Indian customs ?

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A coworker of mine just annoucned that he is officially getting engaged on Friday (he is in US - she is in India). So I of course immediately arrange for the department to go out tomorrow to an Indian resteraunt to celebrate - is there any thing traditional for this important day of his?
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I don't know but order chicken korma with pilau rice, some bombay aloo, and a garlic naan for me!

Seriously though, don't the women paint designs on their hands with henna?
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mmmmmmmm butter chicken! To die for! Also love vegetable samosas!

I believe customs vary depending on if she is Hindu, Punjabi, Sikh, etc.

The women marry in beautiful red saris rather than our white wedding gowns. One of the girls I used to work with actually was Catholic and had a Hindu wedding for her groom's parents and a catholic wedding for herself and her family. Both were equally beautiful.
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Are they Hindu, Sikh, Muslim....? (as Yosemite mentioned) Is he strict to his religion ie not drinking, eating certain/any meat or only Halal?

I asked my flatmate what he thought - he's Hindu - and he said that it's only the actual Wedding that bears any significant importance! The majority of families go out and do the 'English thing' or 'US thing' in your case!

He thought it was pretty funny to take him to an Indian restaurant, as the guy is probably more American than Indian!

I think I would find out what he would like to do! If you don't know him that well, it might be safer to ask!
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Nah, he is more Indian then American - he prefers this Indian resteraunt when we celebrate his birthday. I think he feels so lonely here and likes to share "his" food with us. He is Hindu, no drinking - he will eat any meat, but prefers chicken.

He said that her family and his family are having enagement party in India without him! So I thought it was only fair that he get a bit of celebration too.
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That was very thoughtful of you to do this for him. I'm sure he does miss his family and all that while he's away.

I'm certain he will be pleased with your kind thoughts and gesture.
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I went to the engagement party for a co-op student who worked for me. (She is Muslim). The groom wasn't there, but his aunt represented his family. I would assume that if he had been in the country, he would also have been at the party. They served a wonderful buffet of various dishes that the women had cooked. And they also served an assortment of sweets, the kind made with rosewater. It was explained to me that this was part of the traditional engagement party custom. You could call the restaurant and ask if there is something that they could do, like serve the traditional sweets, as a surprise for him.

I think that the engagement party was mostly for the women, the bride to be was presented with lots of jewellery and gifts.

Her henna party was a much more casual affair, with just her close girl friends, and it was right before the wedding.
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I was lucky to be invited to a hindu wedding in India 3 years ago! I promise you, it was the most fantastic, romantic and colourful event I've ever been to in my life

We girls got our hands painted with henna the day before the wedding.

The engagement party was heldt a few months earlier, and it was a big thing. Most of the grooms family traveled from Norway to India to be there.

Here are my hands painted with henna

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Originally Posted by Yosemite
That was very thoughtful of you to do this for him. I'm sure he does miss his family and all that while he's away.

I'm certain he will be pleased with your kind thoughts and gesture.

Yes, this was extremely kind-hearted and sensitive to his culture!
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What a nice thing to do for your co-worker. I am sure any gesture would be appreciated. Good for you.
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What a thoughtful thing for you to do! I'm sure no matter what you do he will appreciate that you all care so much for him
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