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Tank, one year later

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Yesterday marked the passing of a year since I last saw my little man, Tank. He was a prince, my baby Tankaroo, my husband's Sunday afternoon lap warmer. He was an amazing boy, and it was very rough to let him go, although I knew then and I still know now (more than ever) that I did the most loving and humane thing to let him go. I grieved very hard for him for a long time. I no longer grieve, although I miss him still. I think that I may always miss him. Tank and his sister were my first cats after moving out from my parents place, and they were extremely special to me and we had strong bonds. Tank was also the first animal I have ever had to make that painful decision for.

I love you, baby boy, and I take comfort in the image of you playing, happy and healthy, at the bridge. Someday, my little man, we shall meet again.
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Tank will always be with you in your heart
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I can't believe that it's been a year already, hon~{{{hugs}}}
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You're so right, Tank is so happy and healthy today as he plays joyfully at The Bridge, happily awaiting the day the two of you are reunited.
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I pray that you find comfort. Do you have a kitty with you now?
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I'm sure Tank is looking down on you right now, waiting to see you again
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i bet tank cant be any happier now then where he is
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