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Miracle grow plant food???

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I was just wondering if anyone knew if Miracle grow plant dirt with plant food would be a bad thing to plant some cat nip in?
I didn't know if the plant food would be bad for the cats or not.
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If you're going to let them "harvest" it themselves, I wouldn't chance it. Otherwise it should be fine as they're eating the plants, not the dirt. Catnip can be such a weed I wouldn't think it would need very rich soil anyway.
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If it says it's for use with vegetables grown for human consumption as well as flowering plants, then it's fine, imo.
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i want to grow cat grass in a little pot, but i have discovered im no good at growng plants unless they are already out of their seeds
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Catnip plants do not need that fancy of a potting soil (unless that is all you have!!)
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We grew our caatnip in plain potting soil, with no additives. It eventually covered to top of the end table.
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Thanks for the replies! I didn't realize that I had grabbed this bag until I got home, so I guess it's going to a friends house, and I'm off to get more!
I wanted Miracle grow potting soil because there it a kind that you don't have to water that much which is good for me because I tend to forget and then the plant dies. Yes the cats graze themselves, it's funny to watch. They sit in a line waiting their turn to get their highs. I had to buy another plant because they were destroying the original plant. I'm thinking of planting a row of plants for them but I'm worried that they will start to do their business in the planter and that would not be a good thing. So we will have to see I guess.
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