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Battle Injuries

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My cats love to play fight (i think it's just in play), but I noticed last night that lucky has a gash on her nose and it's all red and sore looking around it. It doesn't seem to stop her from playing/eating etc. But she does seem to be crying more and coming for comfort more often.

What should I be looking for as signs of infection? Is there any way to treat the cut myself? It's been awhile since I've had 2 cats, I assume this kind of minor injuries can happen when cats are play fighting....should i separate them for awhile?

thanks everyone
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You might need to take your cat to the vet to get it checked out as by the sounds of it, it is not healing by itself if it is red and sore. Guinness had a gash on his nose a few weeks ago but it is nearly healed now and I can see the new fur growing back! When I first noticed it, I just bathed it with some luke warm water. It didn't really seem to bother him either.

See his nose mark below:

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