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Older Kitties chasing new Kitty

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Hi Everyone,
I recently got a new momma cat that was abandoned at the vet. I have two other momma that I have had for just over a year. I got them the same way. This little kitty is very skittish. I think she was a wild cat. She is very affectionate with us but is terrified of the other cats. She hides under the couch. We have had her a month and did the separate room etc, my husband even cut an old door and put a screen in the bottom so they could see each other. I am wondering if they will ever get along. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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Go to this page and you will find links to three other pages that give excellent suggestions for helping a new kitty get along with old kitties. Good luck!

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Hmmm ok, I have recently introduced to new cats to my family of four, and although we've had them a while now, they are still not the best of friends! They get along fine, but every now and then they get annoyed with each other or for some reason one will scurry under the couch!! It does take time as Im sure you know, and don't forget some cats just don't like each other!! - but of course they can learn to live with each other and tolerate each other though they may never become the best of friends..... I would give it a little more time and just see how things go, as long as one is not bullying the other I would wait for a while... Hopefully someone here has some better suggestions for you!!! Let us know how it goes!! You may need to try the intro's again, separate them etc let them sniff each other out through the cat carrier or swap their bedding etc..... I hope it works out for ya!
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Ooops, looks like me and lotsocats were posting at the same time!! I'll go read that thread....
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Just an update on my kitties. They seem to be starting to tolerate each other somewhat today. I have been leaving them out together during the day now and haven't been finding them stalking new kitty. They are now back to sleeping in there chairs etc. I think things will work themselves out.
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