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Can anyone work this out?

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Hey guys.

Right, I have a Maine Coon called Ridley. I live with my wife and he's relatively affectionate, not a lap cat though.

However, when I go away on business, Ridley climbs into bed with my wife and stretches out next to her - his head on the pillow next to hers.

When she goes away - he does the same with me!

What gives?

Why is he doing this?

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pass - I woudln't question it really He's just got his little quirks like any other cat. Perhaps he just knows you need company while the other of you is away. He sounds like a sweet little bundle to me, I'd not worry about his behaviour if I were you
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Awwwww, that's so cute!! He doesn't want either of you to be lonely!!
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What a sweet little boy you are, Ridley!
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He's a Maine Coon. I wouldn't question it .
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I know that my kitts are very in tune with my moods. When I am sick or lonely or just not 100% they give me extra lovings. I don't think anything gives I think Ridley loves his Mommy and Daddy and give a little extra when there is a change. It is adorable. You are very lucky to have such a good kitt.
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Simmy does that when John goes out of town. Don't you just love it? : )
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I wish my kittys would sleep with me but with two humans and four dogs there just isn't enough room.
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My little guy will sleep with me like that sometimes. Maybe your kitty just likes sleeping there, but there isn't the room for him to spread out while both of you are in the bed?
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That is so sweet, he must sense that your lonely.

cats can sense moods, when i cry pandy is there in a flash kissing me

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