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Milo had a seizure...

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It was a rough day for Milo and I yesterday... I think she ate something that was poisoned or something, and while I was stroking her on my lap, she suddenly went all fidgety, and shaky, then she collapsed on the floor and started choking... It was horrible! I almost had a seizure myself... Nothing came out her mouth though, nothing bubbly, and she wasn't sick... I screamed for my dad (coz he loves my cats too), and when he came she was already up and she was like dragging her back legs... I cried my eyes out I've only had her for a year, but she means the world to me... Our bond is so strong, and it saddens me to think that she probably needed me the most but I didn't know what to do... I called up my vet, and she was outta town, but I messaged her and she told me to inject Milo with a lung medicine to help her breathe... I cried and prayed... But thank GOD, she was okay by the evening... Her eyes were still blurry though, and she didn't have much appetite... But by night, she was all healthy again... I'm so thankful that I was given a 2nd chance to take care of her... I don't know what I'd do if she died yesterday...
Anyway, has anyone else had that experience, if you have, what do you have to do if your baby has a seizure? Thanx guys!
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Glad to hear Milo is feeling better. I have no experience with seizures but I'd probably panic too if it happened to any of my kitties.
BTW, did you bring Milo to the vet? Even though she looks okay now, I suggest you have her checked out.
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Oh, girl! I would be frantic. I say the same thing as Yayi! Take Milo to the vet and get a thorough chekup! I am praying for her. I know you were scared!
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