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Not Eating

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Dee's milk has dried up in the past week and now she has gone from eating loads, to hardly eating at all. Some brand's she will just sniff and walk away, other's she'll have a tiny bit of but she hasn't eaten properly in around 3 days.

I put food down in a morning and when I get home from work it's still there ! It's strange though, she seems hungry, she follows me into the kitchen all the time and hangs around her food cupbard but then turns her nose up when I feed her !
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If she has weaned the kittens, she will need much less food. But if she is eating NOTHING, that can be a medical crisis. Cats do not do well if they stop eating, I think it can cause a liver problem.

Please monitor her very closely to ensure she is eating. If not, she needs to see the vet pronto!
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If the kittens are gone she could be in mourning. I would be trying to get her to eat at this point, even going off the normal feed and giving her special foods, kippered herring is a favorite in this home. Try sardines, grated cheese, Fancy Feast cat food- the junk food for kitties. She needs to eat- if not she will need a vet.
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Thanks for the advice. She does eat some treats - especially cooked ham ! i've stopped giving her it though in case she was being picky.

She has been missing the kittens. we've kept one with her though and she seems to be OK now.

over the past 3 days she has taken little nibbles at her food but that's it. She's going to the vet for her injections this week along with the kitten so I'll bring it up then. Hopefully it's nothing serious
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