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Please can I have some vibes?

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Please can I get some good vibes?

My knee was terribly bad on Monday and I was being sick from nerves. I wasn't able to get to uni.

I have emailed one of my tutors to ask for some help and haven't had a reply yet I am really worried that I have ruined my degree and I won't be able to get what i'd like for my exhibition space. I am again sick with worry

I want to go in today, but am nervous of getting taxis on my own, so want to take my car - but there are very few parking spaces close to my building, so I need them to tell me when uni opens.

I am so terrified that I won't get a good degree result because of all this and it's really upsetting me, as I have worked so hard and tried my best to get back in the swing of things (after my year out)

Please can I have some good and positive vibes to help me feel better and hope that I can still get what I want at the exhibition without being shouted at my my tutors.

I really appreciate it!
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Oh Sarah, sweetie you have so many vibes coming your way! I've been thinking about your knee alot lately. Mega hugs too!
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Thank you, Sam! I need the mega hugs too!
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oh sweetheart, all is going to be just fine!! I just know it will!!! Take a deep breath ok?

Your professors will understand once you sort it all out, they wont let something like this ruin all the hard work that you have done all year

what do you mean you dont know when your uni opens? shouldnt it open at the normal time? or is it uni break at the moment? are you able to drive your car with how your knee is feeling at the moment? is there someone else that can drive you to uni?

I really feel for you my friend - what an awful situation you must feel like your in, but it will work out..... chin up you know where I am - I am on yahoo if you need

MEGA MEGA HUGS from me and my boys as well
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Sweetie! Dan said it best! All I can add is I hope everything works out and I am thinking of you!
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Do you have a friend who could take you and help you out. Sending lots of thoughts your way.
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AS a university professor myself I know that if a student works hard and is doing OK then the faculty will do everything they can to help that student graduate, and overcome any temporary difficulties. Just be sure they know what is going on - no-one can help if they don't understand hte problem! Good luck - I am sure you will work it out.
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Thank you guys!

I don't know what time my uni building opens and what time the tutors get in. We have always gone in after 10:30.

I am okay to drive, as it doesn't put too much pressure on my knee, so it's not too bad for short journeys. I don't have anyone who could drive me either I don't have many friends that drive, let alone living near me

I have spoken to one of the tutors and I am due to go to uni after 11:30 to discuss my work and trying to suspend it from the ceiling. She didn't seem pleased to hear from me. I feel like I am a burden to them, as I've been having so many problems for so long

I am also terrified that they won't like my work when I show them....
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aw sweetie - some major huge great big huggy get better vibes coming your way from me I'm sure you'll get what you want - and I think your tutors will be more understanding than you think. My brief experience with the university was cut short because of my stress and depression/anxiety, and believe it or not, I STILL e-mail my tutor from time to time. They were really understanding and flexible with me - in the end they want what you want and they'll do all they can to help you achieve it. chin up bebe and get well soon
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Thank you Jenny, I will make sure they understand my situation at the moment - it has been ongoing for years, but changes every now and then.

Emma, Thank you!

I am hopefully going in to see one of the tutors, later on - so I just hope I can get a parking space and everthing goes ok!

I really appreciate all of your kind words, vibes and hugs! I really need them at the moment!
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Awww Sarah! Don't let yourself get stressed out by it!. I'm sure your tutors will understand, well at least one of them has to?!.

Like Jenny said, explain everything to them just so they can understand more.

Good luck chick and let us know how it went.
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Oh, Sarah, I'm so sorry you are burdened by all this, and that your knee is causing you such pain. Surely they will understand your absence is by no means intentional on your part, but could not be avoided because you were just in too much pain.
to your knee to make it better! Lots of love and sweet snuggles from Sierra and me!
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Ohh lots of healing vibes going out to you. I hope everything turns out okay. I know in my last year of college I was out for 3 weeks with a serious infection and my professors worked with me to get caught up. It will turn out okay I have faith in you.
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Thank you so much, Susan, Stephanie and Tricia!

I am sure it will work out, I just didn't need my knee to play up while I have such pressures on me! *sigh*

I have been trying to get a parking space near to my building, but am having no luck at all! (I've tried 4 times and waited!)

I am going to try again later on - in the hope that most of the students will go home then! It is either that, or i'll be waiting outside uni at 8:30 tomorrow morning!

Aagain, thank you all! It means so much to me knowing that I have all of your support through this!
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Sarah have you had a bad experience with a taxi company to be nervous?
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Not really! I just have remaining fears from my depression of being alone with strangers and worrying about not being able to run if anything did happen! It's really quite irrational really, but it really makes me fret! (plus all my 'friends' told me - at the time I hurt my leg - that I should be extra careful because people were going to target me because I wouldn't be able to run or fight back etc....)
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Please knee heal soon so sarah can have lots of fun walking to schooL

~~~mega vibes sending your way~~~~
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Awwww Sarah
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Thank you Fran!

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Lots of feel better vibes to you!
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Sarah Sorry I just saw this! Wish I could just come over there and take all your pain away hon!
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Sarah, I'm slow getting on board, so your day is all but over. I hope you've had success with getting to uni and seeing your tutor and all. I'm sorry your knee is giving you grief when you've already got quite enough stress on your plate. Sending lots of vibes and prayers for things to fall into place for you.
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Sarah, does your university have parking spaces for the handicapped? Back when I was studying, I hurt my knee and was in a splint for six weeks, and the campus police gave me a "temporarily handicapped" pass so that I could use the parking spaces as long as the splint was on.
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I was thinking the same thing about special parking spots. Take it easy on your knee and don't stress yourself out. I bet everything will work itself out okay for you !!
vibes coming {{{{{}}}}}}
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