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Oh no....

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Eee!!! Elliot is pooping funny. Almost every time I take Elliot outside he goes number one and two out there. He usually does it after being outside a bit and eating grass. My concern is that while the poo in the litter pan is the right color and consistency, and he DOES NOT poop out of the pan (Since we put a new pan behind the couch where they were going), and he does sometimes poop brown and regular outside, he lately sometimes has been pooping yellow. The other day he had been eating grass outside and he went poo, and I saw that the grass had gone right through. The poop was yellow, and it had some kind of gel like substance in there, no blood. Today he pooped the same way again. Its not that smelly, and it has this gel in there. I really hope this isnt somethign very bad because my mom and I are very tight on $$$ this month, but I really want to take him into the vet if its something bad, and i am graduating this year and my graduation party is on june fourth, and if you guys say its something bad, june fourth or fifth is when I will take him in, using my graduation money, because its all the spare $$$ we will have. Oh my god I hope this isnt something bad. He shows no other health problems (though I know cats can hide thigns well) and like i said before he poops regular in the pan and doesnt poo outside ti (I checked all around the house in every nook and cranny and there was nothing) Please help! I have never had health issues with any of my cats before so this worries me. The yellow poop is only outside.. did I mention that? Could it be my quality of food? I feed them friskies chef's blend, and they get some whiska's wet food each day too. I know that these arent the best choices for food for cats but the closest petsmart is about an hour away and my mom wont take the trip because she feels that friskies is good enough. Online food buying isnt really an option either.. .my mom can be weird sometimes about things.... I also looked at his bum and it looks the same as my kittens bum, though I dont know about internally. Also, I dont think so but coudl the "gel" be saliva? They do drool alot when they eat grass outside. My little one does nto have this problem though, she poops regular and does not go poop outside.
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I keep looking online but you guys seem to be one of the only (and the best) site for help on this kind of stuff... I read some discouraging stuff about yellow poop in humans, but I dont know if that applies to cats, and he doesnt do it all the time. If you guys dont know what might be going on I'm going to call the local vet tommorrow and ask for some free advice... I just hope they'll give it to me, because some vets get huffy when you ask for free advice. Oh I really hope there is nothing terribly wrong with Elliot
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I can't offer any advice but i'm sure someone will.

It's a shame your vet would respond like that if you just wanted to ask a question, but having said that they would probably rather see the animal than take a guess?!.
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Pale stool can be a key symptom in liver problems, but it could also be a symptom of Giardia. I strongly recommend you promptly get Elliot to the Vet for a throrough exam with labs so he can be treated appropriately. It would be great if you can take in a stool sample also.
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I agree...Any time poop is an off colour and or inconsistent, its a good thing to get into the vet...
Could you borrow the money off a relative or friend? Or do some extra work for someone for cash??

Good luck!
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oh poop (no pun intended) I was worried about this. Ill talk to my mom after school and see what we can do. She is just saying "oh well its just because I bought a different kind of wet food, or its because there is some yellow in the food they eat" Could anyone please maybe give me an estimate on what it might cost? And my vet I dont think is snotty like that, but sometimes if you ask various vets do get in a huff if you ask and dont pay ( we called once when our lizard was acting weird(she died mysteriously the next day) and they were all huffy because they didnt want to give us advice. I will try to get elliot in as soon as possible. I dont know what Giardia is but I will look it up on the internet right now. I hope he doenst have liver problems. Could that be from the food he eats?

I went on the internet and looked it up on the internet and it said it could be found in water. I was afraid of something like this. At my house we have a bad well that makes our water very rusty tasting. We had culligans come in and insert a filter, and they change it every month. The water is still a bit rusty tasting, but is much much better now. We try to give the cats regular bottled water as much as possible, but sometimes even though water doesnt cost much we just cant afford to buy it with all the other thigns money has to be spent on. My mom sometimes takes milk jugs and fills them up at her friends store, but the store is gone now so that isnt an option. I will start getting my mom to fill up jugs at various places from now on. Im sure there are places around that she can get water for free when we cant afford to buy it. The only thign is my kitten isnt suffering from the same thing as elliot, and neither is my mom's 19 year old rosco, so that makes me think it is a liver problem and I really really hope not. I want to do as much as possible for him if it's something really bad, and it would literally kill me to have to put him down. I have to stop typing now because I am at school and I think if I keep typing I might start crying. Thank you for your help.

We dont drink the water all that much though. I usually drink alot of water at school, and at home we drink soda or milk, and if we do drink water it is in tea or kool-aid. Neither my mom nor I have these symptoms either, but it seems like maybe it could be this Giardia disease.
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Also, our backyard is "blessed" by little presents from wild rabbits and wild deer, could they be carrying this disease, and by my cats eating the grass ni the backyard, they got it? If so should I restrict their outside activity to the front yard only? (the deer and rabbits do not go in the front yard, it is poop free) Help is appreciated and I am very greatful for it. It is looking more like Giardia, though I cant be certain until I take elliot to the vets. yesterday when he went in a shallow hole, and instead of letting him cover it up, I took a shovel and dug it and a bit of dirt up and deposited it in the woods. Could I still collect it to be used as a stool sample? or should I get a "fresher" one? If it is Giardia, does anyone know what we maybe could do to rid the backyard of the stuff if its on the poop? I think my mom and I should get an E Coli test in oru water too, because one site said that if ecoli is positive Giardia can also be positive. Thats really gross if it turns out that there is feces in our water somehow ( There is a hole in our backyard with a pipe going down but I dont know if this is the well? I think the well is attatched to the back of the house, and the pipes are just really rusty) our house is from the 60's and 70's and has not had updated pipes and stuff.. The landlords when they lived here just lived with the rusty water, and all their hair changed reddish from the iron in the water. Ours did too until we could afford to get the water filtered. It also says on oen of the sites that it can cause animals to lose weight? Rosco has in fact gained weight, and my kitten has gaind a pound and a half, but elliot has lost a pound, or maybe two, and is looking a lot slimmer and trimmer, but he is by no means "underweight" I really do think now that this is Giardia, and though the tests might be a bit costly, the medicine I saw costs only about twenty dollars. We should be able to get him to a vet, but I still have to talk to my mom. Money is always tighter around june and christmas (my moms and my birthday is in june, though I dont ask for really anything at all for my birthday we always seem to be tight on $$$ then.) The cats havent gone to the vet yet this year, because they went August last year. We planned on taking them both in August or a bit before taht again, because there is always more money then. ^_^ Gosh! Why didnt we get this sooner! We wont be able to take him in until at least saturday, unless we get him in today. My mom has to work alot tommorrow, and I have to go to school for graduation practice etc, and friday is my graduation. I'd really like to get him in today or maybe tommorrow. I dont want to wait until saturday, but if we have to we can.
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Well I talked to my mom and told her that it is a serious thing, and she said she will do all she can to get him on on friday. I am no longer going to let the cats out in the back yard until I get told it is not Giardia. I just really hope it is not a liver problem, but it really does seem like Giardia to me because he has all the symptoms. If it is a liver problem though I dont know what I will do... I know if he wouldbe in pain he would have to be put to sleep, but unless he is really bad I am not going to let my mom do that. If I dont have elliot anymore she might as well commit me because I will curl up in a ball and never move again. I dont think it will come to that though. Thank you for the advice and I hope I get some more soon! The fact that he doesnt ALWA YS poop yellow (in fact he has only pooed yellow about three times, the first tim i thought it was because of the food change ( a diff wet food) the second time I was a bit worried (which was about two days later, the next day he went normal, an dyesterday he went yellow again. I am going to have to make sure to clean their potties out very good... though he hasnt been pooing yellow inside. Its like he knows if it gets inside the others will get it too.

Yay! We called the vet, and it will be cheaper than expected! The stool test is only twenty dollars, the visit is 15, and the medicine is twenty, which is 55 dollars. I was fearing it would be over 100 or 200 or so ( I thought stool tests were expensive) So as long as it is Giardia anyways. The person we talked to said she thought that was what he had based on the description of his poop. I feel alot better now. Elliot has been all lovey today as if to say "Gosh mom! You finally figured out what was wrong with me! Good for you!" I am keeping the potties extra clean since Giardia is transfered through poo, and they will not be going in the back yard any more, because it is IMPOSSIBLE to stop a cat from eating grass when it wants to. Mom will just have to deal with the fact that their tire toy/sand box (not for pooing in!!! THey like to roll in it) will have to go up front. There is a tree I can put their leashes on that lets them go to about five feet from the road. ^_^

I AM SO SORRY by the way for always typing such long posts! It seems every time I post something I cant help making it into an essay X_X I know its not really a problem but it's annoying to have to read all this stuff sometimes :P

O_O another reason they wont be going in the back yard anymore is because I have a graduation party june fourth, and as of now the back yard smells of cat pee X_X It should air out though as long as no "new" stuff is added.. lol..
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O_O here I go posting again...heh. Well at least its not in the water, or all the cats would have it. Rosco (19) is a strictly indoors cat (take him on a leash? Hah! ) an dhe is doing fine, so most likely elliot got it from the rabbits and deer that are around here ( they all did look pretty skinny) I never even knew of this parasite until elliot got it (if he has it which I "hope" he does because a live rproblem is much more serious) SO advice for other people, even ones who cats out on leashes and think they are safer "DONT TAKE YOUR CAT INTO PLACES WHERE ABUNDANT WILD ANIMALS HAVE BEEN" O_O There is poo everywhere in our backyard from bunnies and deer. I hope our other cats dont catch it too.... Im going to get some moisturizing shampoo from the vet too, because elliot's bum dandruff has come back :P and Aerowyn has it too.. that means a bath for the kitties, but I do enjoy giving them because they look so cute when wet (specially my fat boy with his little wiggly belly sacks) ^_^
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glad you went to the vet ... Yes cat grass is widely avail i just bought some today..
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O_O i uh havent gone yet? Not till friday? I have cat grass seeds too, and a planter to plant it it, but even with that stuff it will not prevent my kitties from eating grass. I couldnt stand to keep them inside all the time. They will just stay in the front yard from now on because it is poo free. Elliot likes the back yard better but he will just have to get over it. OMG I really hope not but I think I might have what ever he has too. I have been feeling the symptoms (nauseous, gassy, dehydrated, and a bit of cramping) it is a disease easily transmitted to humans though also. Well its not fatal in me and theres no way im choosing to get myself into a doctor instead of elliot (because it could kill him and not me). Of course i may just be imagining thigns or feeling "sympathy sickness" I dont know O_O lalala.
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Instead of using purified bottled water, you can get a filter attachment for your faucets.
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Awww sweetheart...
Just sending you good wishes for a speedy recovery for Elliott..and glad that the vet won't be too expensive.
I hope you don't have to spend your birthday money on it

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haha! We bought a filter first, did hardly ANYTHING and had to be changed ONE WEEK LATER instead of four months!!! Now with the culligans our regular water tastes better than the old filtered water, PLUS we have a filter on the sink too, but the filtered stuff tastes like medicine O_O
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I dont mind spendign my birthday money on them at all!!!! Or my graduation! My whole thing was I knew I would only have money about june fourth if it was really expensive. Heck i'd sell everything I OWN for them if they really needed it!!! ID LIVE IN A BOX O_O woah wiat.. not a box. because then they would live in the box with me :P Yeah thats a bit too far. BUt i would sell stuff
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Oh crap! *pun intended* Hm well I wonder if the vet will need a stool sample anymore, considering the fact I seem to have contracted Giardia? O_O Probably will. I took elliot outside for FOUR hours and he didnt go, so ill have to try before we take him in at 11:30 tommorrow... BLAH O_O otherwise ill get it from the litter box, but he usually does the yellow stuff outside so.. is there a chance he could have just... passed it all? He seems a bit skinnier, I bet he lost like 2 pounds in a week in a half. Blah I have gas, cramps, nausea, some other thing which I wont mention but has nothing to do but everything to do with a peice of furniture that begins in S, ends in L and the middle sound is 2. O_O I feel dehydrated too. Im going to just keep drinking alot of water and Ill deal with it until I can get to the doctors. yay. So elliot will get his medicine tommorrow. Woo.... I wonder what you can do to get giardia out of your yard? Hm... O_O
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I have no advice for getting rid of that nasty Ghirardia, but I do for water! Do you have a Meijer store near by? I buy my water from them. You can buy the first gallon bottle, fill it up, and pay .49 cents for it, refills are only .25 cents. It's Cullighan purified drinking water and tastes great. You just keep bringing back your gallon jug and refilling it. Walmart has one of these puriefied water refilling machines as well, but it's a little more expensive.
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WEe so we took him into the vet today. we dont have a carrier so i just put him on his leash and harness an dhe was good. He sat buy us in the vets office. We were like five minutes late so they let the person who would come out after us go in first, and we were like "Well we would have let them go in anyways!" this poor woman's boxer had a run in with a porcupine and got one in its EYE. I was like, dude, my cat isnt going to keel over this second, an dthat dog has a quill in its eye! Blah! So yeah the first person came in and did the stuff she had to do. And then the vet came in. Now I dont know if Ive mentioned this but my cat is afraid of men, and Hats. Expecially men who are wearing hats. Mostly because my moms boyfriend hates cats and doesnt like elliot (theres no abuse !!! just intimidation and stuff) On mothers day he hissed and slapped my uncle (but he was wearing a hat also) and when I put my graduation hat on and came out he was all afraid. But the vet obviously wasnt wearing ahat. The vet was really nice and gentle with him. Elliot flinched when his hand came down but the vet was really slow and nice. He gave elliot a shot in his back which gave him a little hump, and gave us some dewormer medicine. Oh for anyone interested elliot is wieghs 14.9 lbs O_O thats like 2 lbs down in one week! Yep. Oh he was so good! When the dog came out he didnt freak but just sat there all calm. I think he was annoyed that he couldnt go sit by the window though. Haha! I got some shampoo from teh vet too to help get rid of their but dandruff. Elliot was so good I bought him and aerowyn a toy, they had these little rabbit fur balls and elliot loves those things :P If he's not better by tuesday however, he will have to go in again. The vet said he is a bit dehydrated but not bad. Elliot didnt poo! I was checking him like all day and he didnt go the little bugger.... and I checked the potties too and there was nothing.. but when we got home from the vets I went to the bathrom and noticed a small pile of yellow poo in th elitter box.. so either I missed it, elliot went before we left, or someone else has it O_O Sigh. There were no mishaps with the wormer either. My mom held elliot in her arms, I touched the sides of his mouth so it would open, and we shot it down in there. I dont like giving it to them all at once like that because I am afraid that they will choke though but you ahve to do it because I cant give half to him and then give it to him, and there was a large amount so I couldnt mix it in with food. I gave him a awhole pouch of wet food to himself after I gave him the medicine cuz he was such a good boy. Aerowyn didnt freak out when he got back either. She just sniffed him a bit and was next to him for like three minutes, and sniffed his face where some of the wormer had gotten spilled. She is such a good girl :P its like she was saying "oh! Where did you go! You are back! You smell funny! What is wrong??" :P so cute.
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What a big day! Elliot, you're such a brave little boy!I'm so glad your day at the Vet went so well and you are able to treat him at home! I know Elliot enjoyed his special treat for being such a good boy!Good job getting him in to be examined! Thank you for keeping us updated how your baby's doing!
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