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Can a sick cat get a baby sick?

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Hi all, I am new here but can't post an intro at this moment, very pressed for time.
I have 2 kitties who are sick and seeing the vet tomorrow, but till them I am alarmed about something.

Kitty Symptoms: runny poop with some blood in it, pooping all over like can't control bowels.
Cleaning butt area excessivly
Excessive pooping
Very stinky poop
Clingy kitty's, they want to be next to me all the time.
Lazy, not lethargic but lazy (lazier than a cat normally is)
crying while cleaning nether regions
being bad, like trying to get extra attention (jumping on the table while we are eating ect)

Well now my 9 month old son is also sick, he has runny poop (could have ear infection) and someone suggested to me that maybe the cats got him sick. Is this possible???

Oh yes, the sick kitty is Hunter who is also 9 months old and the other kitten is Oreo, 10-12 weeks, who doesnt seem very ill but better safe than sorry.
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Not likely. There are things you can catch from cats- worms if you don't follow proper hygiene habits, ringworm is another one. Bartonella if you get scratched or bit. But most of the diseases cats have are not catchable by humans, adults or children unless the person has AIDS or another autoimmune disease
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there are alot of really nasty viral infections going around right now, and my kids were sick for 2 weeks, and the doctor said most of them cannot be gotten via cats or dogs, you might call the dr. to see if there is a specific viral infection in your area that your baby could have.
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You have received some good advice, a warm welcome to TCS.
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OK, thank you so much! I am getting us ready to go to the vet now. The good news is I got a fresh stool sample ewwww, the bad news is that it came at the expense of an uncleanable baby toy

I will come back later this afternoon or tomorrow to update on my sick kitties and do a proper intro.

Oh.. in hindishgt I think my little boy just has an ear infection
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