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My Mother

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My son has just made it onto two separate State TEams. One for Hockey and one for Orienteering and my mother is jealous. I rang her thining she would be pleased and proud but no she made some snide remark about him missing school and stuff. I cant tell my friends as none of them really care and think that I cam just bragging. But I am proud and he has done well and I am so sick of the tall poppy syndrome it gives me the pip.I feel better now I have had a whinge.
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Don't let it get to you! Some people are only happy when everyone else is miserable! Just be proud of your son and know that you are doing a great job with him and that he is a better person because of it!

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Well I am happy for you. I think that is awesome. Congratulations to your son.
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Congrats on how well your son is doing! What a goof your Mom is. Some people just age, rather than maturing, unfortunately!

How old is your son, and what is orienteering?
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Congratulations to you and your son

Don't worry about your mother, it's her that will end up bitter and alone if she can't take pleasure in seeing members of her own family doing well. Some parents just don't seem suited to the job!
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Good for him!! and don't let your mum get to you.

Is it ice hockey that he does or normal hockey?
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Congratulations to you and your son! That is a great achievement!

It's a Mother's right to be proud when their child achieves something great! I think your Mum should be proud of you too!
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Congratulations to your son! that's great! Congratulations to you for raising such a well-rounded individual. My husband and I recently purchased a new house. My mother has nothing good to say about it and keeps telling me that she liked our other house better. Why do parents do things like that? Shouldn't they be supportive no matter what?
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Congratulations for your son. Try not to let others' petty jealousy get to you. You should be very proud and your friends and family should be proud rather than jealous.

I think I speak for everyone here when I say "YOU AND YOUR SON ROCK"!
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Thank you all fo ryour kind words and thoughts. Karen your mum sounds like mine. She is already quite bitter about everything and getting worse. Soemtimes I just hink I will give up trying to be nice and stop speaking to her. My son plays field hockey.
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