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My new puppy

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I know, I know, he doesn't much LOOK like a puppy, but he thinks he is one. Yup I'm a sucker, and couldn't help but keep Hiwa. As soon as I sign the adoption contract, he's officially mine. One foster muffin left and then we get a new group

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What an angel!!! How old is he? I remember when all mine were young *sniffle* lol Thanks for showing!!!
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oh what a darling!
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What a cute and lucky kitten Hiwa is
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Sweet Hiwa...you have been chosen. Wonderful!
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I love black kitties! He's adorable, but I must admit, I was expecting a picture of a canine! Congratulations on the adoption!
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awwwwww another black kittie to the group
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He's got bedroom eyes and he's so happy he's kneeding the air. I can see why you adopted him!! What an adorable baby!!

You do know that pets with bedroom eyes tend to be over spoiled, as all they have to do is blink those cute little eyes in your direction and you turn into their slave.....

Woo hoo!!!
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What a cutie pie.
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