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Plant eating survey

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While checking out a list of poisonous plants for cats I came across the attached request for survey responses by the University of Virginia. They are trying to investigate the circumstances surrounding why cats eat plants. It is an easy survey to complete - takes about 10 minutes max - and may be of help to this interesting area of research. I just completed it for Bear and thought that you may also be interested.


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did it
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I done the survey.
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I just did the survey...my cat won't leave my poor gardenia alone! Thank God it's not poisonous!!!
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I did the survey. I completed it for Jill, my foster (who actually no longer lives here!) She wqs such a stinker for eating my spider plants, which are my only plants. She kept them trimmed to about 1 inch tall, and would even nibble off the baby plants! She never killed a plant, but boy do they look ugly!
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I did it.. Kitters loves roses, broccili, and lettuce. Don't keep plants in the house anymore once I found a little maple tree sapling i was trying to grow was pulled out of the soil 3 times. finally she ate it and it was gone!!! Keep all of them outside now!
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I'm glad to know that Annabelle isn't the only cat obsessed with "commercially sold grasses" i.e. my rabbit's timothy hay. She loves catnip, but that makes sense. Isabelle likes to grab the salad out of the rabbit's bowl and chew on it and fling it around like she's trying to kill it- which is pretty funny. Good thing it's just things like romaine and parsley!
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i have a lot of plants, and my kitten sleeps in a couple of them, but they don't eat any of my plants!
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