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Any leash training tips?

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Hi, I just got a 4 year old gray haired cat (not sure what breed) named Tiger. He's an indoor cat, but he likes to go outside. I know he would run away if we just let him out, so I tried to put a leash on him in the house so he would get used to it, but he just freaked out. Any tips on getting him to understand that its not a torture device?
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finnegan freaked out when i first tried the leash on him too.. i just kept trying it for a few minutes a day and he's slowly getting used to it.
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DO you have a harness too? If not I would reccommend buying one (should only be about 4 dollars) Though dogs can be walked by attatching a leash to a collar, I wouldnt reccommend it for a cat. I used to let my cat elliot outside by just hooking a leash to his collar, but one day I was playing with him and he took off running and when he got to the end of teh leash well... he didnt hurt himself, but right then I resolved not to let him outside until I got him a harness. Harnesses will pull on the entire body and not just the neck. I find that cats are also very stubborn about leashes on their collars. Its also easier to get them to walk on leashes when they are wearing a harness. If you have a harness and that is the problem just put it on them and leave it on for about twenty minutes each day until they dont mind it. the leash shouldnt freak them out after that.. basically I wouldnt reccommend pulling your cat anywhere outside for the first week or so.. just let him outside and follow him whereever he wants. Most cats anyways will only let you do this. Im fortunate in that I have two very calm cats who walk on leashes pretty well. You could just pick your cat up and put him in the yard, and sit in a chair and let him walk around. If you only have a six foot leash or something in similar size I would reccommend buying a retractable one ( I bought one at a liquidators for three dollars, but petstores usually charge like ten to fifteen) Trust me it gets very boring standing up and following a cat around if you only have a short leash, and i fyou try to sit down chances are thats when he will decide to move away and you will have to get up again (lol) I hope this helps you a bit!
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I don't know if you have seen this thread - Walking the cat? It might be of some help to you!

Both my two kitties walk on harnesses and leads! It does take a while for them to get used to it, especially if they are older. (But it is certainly not impossible! )

To start with, put the harness on kitty for about five minutes and let them wander with it on. Build up the time that you leave it on, over a number of days. (Kitty will generally tell you when they've had enough!) Tibby got jelly legs at first, everytime his harness was put on! He soon got used to it though!

Once you have got the harness sorted, attach the lead and let kitty lead you around the house. This will get them used to being followed. Again, build this up too and don't try to control the cat! (remember, they are your boss!)

Once this is sorted, you can think about going outside!

Choose a door that you will always use when you take kitty out for walks - this way, the association with going outside is only attached to this door. (it is preferable to be one you don't use often)

When you go to take kitty outside, carry them out - this way, they learn that they can only go out when they are carried. Once outside, let kitty lead you - as you did in the house - and let them sniff and wander as they please! (It can be a bit boring when they find a really good 'smell' as you can be there for a long time! )

When it is time to come back in, let kitty go through the door themselves - ie walk through - this way, if they do become scared or the lead slips your hand, they will run to the door for safety! (I have had experience of this!)

I would recommend trying to keep the outside time to a constant time - ie 30 mins or so. This way, kitty knows when their time is up!

I hope this has helped you a bit! Keep us informed as to how you go, i'd love to hear about it!
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Most cats the key is repition and PATIENCE
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