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Need IV advice

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I hope no one thinks I'm a total baby for this but I am soooooo dreading the IV that I am supposed to get for my test tomorrow! I'm not concerned about the test, just the IV. I've heard they can numb your hand but when I called to ask they said they don't have any topical anesthetic there but I could see if my primary doctor has something. Well, doing that is like pulling teeth and hiking across the state. So my next idea is to see if I can find something at the drugstore over the counter. My boss suggested Ambesol. She said they used a spray at the hosptial for her. So does anyone else know of something? I have to fast for the test too. (No one better have anything yummy smelling for lunch at work! Since the test isn't untill 1:30!) I am sooo nervous.....maybe I'll pass out so I won't know it when they stick me.....I unno but please! Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

I will be alone too!
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Is the IV going to be in your hand or the crook of your elbow? The latter isn't bad at all, while the former can be uncomfortable, but isn't necessarily so. My experience has been that nurses are much better at it than doctors! I doubt that you'll need anything to numb your hand/arm (I'm Ms. Pincushion, due to a blood disorder and hypothyroidism, both requiring lots of tests), but if you find yourself really in pain, demand that the needle be removed and reinserted. Good luck to you tomorrow!
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The tech said it would be in the end of my arm, which I'm guessing means my elbow not my hand since also said it tends to be less tender there. It was a message on my answering machine so I couldn't ask exactly what she meant.
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It'll probably be a lot less worse than you expect. Tests are usually fairly short, and only result in a slightly tender arm/hand, perhaps with a little bit of bruising. Don't look when the needle is inserted, and avoid sharp movements. I'm sure you'll be fine!
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You could ask the nurse to use the smallest gauge needle possible. I don't know what you are having done, but the larger guage needles are used for "thick" fluids like blood and blood products. Here's a helpful trick that I used to use. Squeeze a pillow with your available hand..it's kind of like biting a bullet, and lessens the chance of the patient punching the nurse. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do just fine.

Oh, one more thing, that people confuse. The needle is just used to pierce your vein, it does not stay in the vein, a small and very thin plastic called a canula is what you will feel. I've had patients freak out thinking their was a needle in their arm once the IV was started.
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The reason we don't use the anestetic before starting an IV is that it BURNS and is more uncomfortable than the IV! Have you ever had one before? Like Mom of Franz said, once it is in, the metal needle is removed, and it is just a tiny plastic tube left in.

Let the nurse starting the IV know you are very nervous. There are some tricks to starting an IV, and she will probably know them. Honestly, when I have had IV's, the plastic tube (tourniquet) tied around my upper arm hurt worse than the needle going in! And once it is in, it no longer hurts at all!

Anebesol might work, so go ahead and buy a tube. Best of luck with the IV and the test!
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I havn't had an IV since I was 2. My boss said they used a spray on anesthetic. I remember having my finger numbed for stitches a few years ago hurt worse than when I slit it open. I bought some ambesol and tested it. It has made it a little number. I will ask them to use a small needle. It is just for fluids. I'm still crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, etc.
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