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Radio question of the day: 05/24/05

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This was meant for men, but I can adapt it for us all.

If your hair was thinning, would you wear a wig or extension?
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After to read the "secret" of Susan! ...I don´t think soooo... .. ... ...
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Nope! Proud of mine, no matter what shape or form.
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I can answer this with surety

I had an accident once, burnt my bangs to a crisp, they stank!
So I got out a bic and some shaving cream, and got rid of every last bit of hair on my head.
I kept it shaved for two years, even have a tattoo on either side on my skull (can't tell now though, long hair and all).
If my hair were to start thinning/falling out, I'd do it again, and I'm female.
Definitely takes a bit of self confidance.
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If I ever did lose hair like to cancer treatments or something, I'd just go baldy & wear hats or paint my head or something funky like that. I would certainly not be ashamed. I can tell a wig or toupee or fake hair from a MILE AWAY and well, I think bald men are sexy, so therefore bald women are beautiful, too.

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no i would shave my head, i think more balding men should shave their heads i find it rather sexy
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Hmmm...I just happen to have some spare hair...

I don't know how I would play that one -- I think it would depend on a lot of things
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I would definitely wear a wig. I have a lot of confidence but not enough to go bald. I would feel soo naked without my hair
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Yes - I would wear a wig
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I would have to wear a wig. I can't imagine me shaving my head!
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you bet I would invest in a great wig!
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I'd try to goto some crazy style!!!! Like a mohawk if it was the sides or pontails with no top hair !! go for an extreme!!!
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H - E - double hockey sticks NO!
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Yes I would wear a wig. I'm too vain not to.
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