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Dandruff and shedding

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My 3 year old female Cagney has a dandruff problem, also, the past 5 or 6 months she's been shedding a lot more.

I had her spayed today, and meant to ask the vet about it, but I was so anxious over the procedure that I forgot.

Any suggestions as to why she has these problems, or what I can do to treat them? I gave her a bath last week, but it doesnt seem to have helped, and I brush her often.
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Hmmm, you can buy kitty treats that are specially made to treat skin and coat conditions, maybe these would help? I've used some before called "Kluckers" that the cats loved, but their fur was ok so I didn't really notice alot of change - except the shorthaired ones got a little glossier!! There are foods you can try to, and Im sure you can buy certain cat shampoos for dandruff! (believe it or not!)
As for the shedding, my cats seem to get worse at different times!! (though Im sure they do this on purpose just so I never have a week where the house is fur-free!! ha ha ha)so it may just be a stage shes going through.... Im not certain though, hopefully someone will have some better advice/ideas than I do!! Hope the babes start to feel a bit better soon from the op!!
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:laughing2 I have more cat treats in the house than people treats! :laughing2

Lets see...we have Kluckers chicken and garden greens, Cat Nippers salmon nips, BilJac chicken flavor, BilJac shrimp and tuna flavor, CattyShack beef and bacon, and a tin of Premium Treats Kitty Caviar flakes!
Poor neglected kitties I have! :LOL:

I didnt know the treats helped their coats though? The Kitty Caviar is 75% protein though (and smells and looks like fish food ) so it makes sense that it would help make 'em shiny!

When she heals up from her "owie" I may try a dandruff shampoo.
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my kitties have a small meal of tuna once a day which contains omega3 and makes their coat really healthy, soft and shiny.

i checked this out at the vets when Jasmine (my 3 year old was displaying signs of dandruff)

Jasper - the stray I took in 2 months ago was such a mess and now has a very healthy shiny coat


I've heard cod liver oil can help too
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It could be that the cat is not getting enough essential fatty acids (EFAs) or that she's getting too much of omega 6 and not enough omega 3. Cat foods can often be lacking in this respect. Fish contains omega3 fatty acids, so things like canned mackerel or sardines would be good maybe once a week or so (raw fish is even better, but stay away from north pacific salmon), or you can supplement her diet with fish body oil. Cod liver oil (CLO) is not the same as fish body oil (like salmon oil), CLO has lots of vits A and D which can be overdosed, so I wouldn't recommend adding that to her diet if she's eating dry food/canned food as her main meal, since those should have enough of the vits already. Any kind of fat may be enough to get her skin and fur in better shape, but I'd try adding more omega 3s to her diet first.
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Snowball likes to spend a lot of time sitting directly in front of a heating vent during the winter months. Recently, his skin became severely dry and irritated. I ordered a nutritional skin and coat supplement online from Petsmart called Nutrimalt. After giving some to Snowball daily for two weeks, I saw dramatic results, and I was very impressed, it has also helped to reduce shedding. It comes in a paste form, so it is easy to give, and each 2 ounce tube is about $6.00.
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Ashley has these problems, too. Even if you look at her scalp,you can see the scales of it. The vet told me that it is because she is not cleaning herself well enough in some areas probably due to the fact she cannot reach some areas. He also told me she needs to go on a diet so she can reach these places..lol ((she is 12 pounds)). Yes, Ash gets those treats with the center stuff in it!!!
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