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I wanted to post a reply on this but the thread is closed?? The way i deal with my cat being aggressive toward people he doesn't know, is I keep them away from him. He feels threatened and wants to run away, so I let him. I don't force my cat to "behave" when around strangers. If he's feeling threatened enough to hiss and smack, then he needs to be left alone. I'd prefer he be easy going around strangers, but since he's not, I respect his feelings and let him do as he wishes.

I would NEVER encourage anyone to approach him or pick him up or pet him. He requires space and I make sure everyone knows that. He's not being bad, he's protecting himself for whatever reason he's not like Simmy and that's ok.

My guests can enjoy Simmy as he will climb up in their lap and offer his love services to anyone interested.

I just think it's important not to view aggression as a behavior problem like they're being bad like children or something. They're animals with survival instincts and the best thing to do is to seperate them from the people who come into "THEIR" home.