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What is your cat's personality?

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Oscar is so hyper! You would think he's still a kitten! He's also very angry as he constantly flops his tail even when he's sleeping! But I think if ya'll met him, he's a very sweet cat and has a most wonderful personality....BUT acts very spoiled! Wonder why.,.....
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Mookie is my youngest and she's the cuddler, Cassie is a princess, and Paco is the man of the house, but still very much a kitten, i think all my cats have great personalities...my sister-in-law has 3 cats all of whom are very mean and won't let anyone touch them one of them will actually attack you if you get too close
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Cody is Miss Attitude...she knows what she wants and how to act nice to get it!
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Hammie is extremely extroverted, comical, curious, hyperactive, and SO very loving. He has his own language, loves to make eye contact, and follows us to the point of tripping us! Feisty little guy, he is.

Snickers is a mirror-image of Hammie's personality --- only --- he is funny in an accidental way? He knocks into walls as he's running whereas Hammie is more streamlined. Snicky does the foot-following thing, too, this morning I stepped on his paw. Also Snickers is more of fight-starter... he'll walk by Hammie and swat him & take off running... like saying, tag, you're it!

Zorro is lumbering, slow, somewhat introverted at times. He will turn on a dime (abused as a kitten, I rescued him) and become aggressive. Other than that, he's just happy for chin-scratches & so very happy to curl up next to my arm at night. He's sorta quiet.

Dusty is a Princess. Her Worshipfulness puts her gray nose up when the other cats come near; she expects plenty of kisses from her human slaves & prefers to be carried everywhere!

Jessie is introverted, kinda shy, quiet EXCEPT for when she's "killed" the feathered birdie toy. She spends her time either on my bed or on her cat tree begging to be brushed. She's skitzy, too, sometimes.

K.C. is aloof, distant, and introverted... she shys from everyone... except ME. At night, when it's sleepy-time, she makes a drooly bed in my hair and lets me rub her belly. No comedy for her; the boys try to get her to play and she just runs & hides!
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Sash is a very sweet and very very spoiled boy. He certainly knows how to get his way, he will snuggle up to me and be very sweet but he knows he wants his food too from me. He's a real cuddle bug and a very vocal boy too. He can be quite tempermental when he doesn't get what he wants. He doesn't like anyone too much except his mom and dad, he's very aloof with other people besides the two of us.
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Zoe is my System of a Down kitty, because she's about that speed. lol Psycho, kitty, cocaine, crazy!! She's only 15 months old though, so I'm sure she'll slow down a bit in time. She's not real affectionate, either...doesn't jump up in your lap and snuggle, stuff like that. She likes to play and will let you know, but the only time she wants petted and scratched is when I'm ON THE PHONE!! LOL Then she won't leave me alone!! And she likes to be picked up and scratched for about 20 seconds as soon as I come in the door in the evening. After that, she says "play with me or leave me alone." lol

Miss Kitty on the other hand is my Pearl Jam kitty...MUCH more mellow, but still rockin'. She mostly lays around and chills, but she like to play sometimes, too. And is she ever a snuggler!!! She will climb right up in your lap, and do it so sly that she's there and settled in before you can even think about evicting her. But unlike Zoe she doesn't really like being picked up. She'll tolerate it, but she doesn't like it.
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bonnie is very lazy, she gets grumpy but can be affectionate, only with my husband and i or people she knows well, she snubs strangers. She gets jelous of the others stealing my affection from her and sulks, once i brought a furby and was playing with it, she was giving me killer looks, i left her in the loungeroom with it to get a coffee, when i came back i caught her swatting it in the head

She is also a bit of a bully and has only gotten worse since anassa arrived. When i lived at mums, bonnie would sit in front of the cat door and block it so the other cats couldn't get inside or she would hide off to the side, out of sight at swat them as they ran past, she's pretty good with pandy but will sometimes body slam her, once under bonnie's bulk, usually the only visiable part of pandy is her paw reaching for freedom.

bonnie is worse with nassa and will block her way, sometimes i'll be in the bathroom and bonnie will sit in front of the door, or she will sit in the hall and prevent nass from gettting to the bedroom, her favorite place is the kitchen though where she will block nass from getting to where i'm preparing dinner, nassa gets all sooky and cry's, when that doesn't work she barks and lunges (not too close though) but bonnie won't budge, just recently she has taken to sitting on the kitchen counter where she will pounce on nassa when she passes

bonnie is actually hiding just inside a door that leads off the hallway right now and poor nassa is waiting for her to move

pandy is a extreme smoocher and very affectionate, iv'e never met another cat so smoochy, she is also a shadow and follows me everywhere, she sleeps right next to me at night under the covers and waits with me while i have a shower, follows me to the kitchen then sits in the loungeroom with me, sometimes she is very cuddly, purry and sweet, she gets so excited about paddling the blankets that she leaves wet patches and even bites my husband and i in her excitement, other times she is very hypo and runs through the house non stop, tearing down everything in her path and annoying bonnie every time she bounds past (this gets worse when she's on catnip).
she also loves anassa and plays games with her, they usually play chasey through the house together, sometimes pandy won't be in the mood, she will be laying in front of the fire and nassa will tower over her and lunge forward stomping with both feet at the same time, pandy gives her a swipe when this happens.

pandy will also sleep with nassa and give her a bath, i don't know why she keeps doing it because everytime she licks nass she shakes her head and sticks her toungue out like she has a bad taste in her mouth

sorry this was so long but i love talking about my pets


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Noodles is the sweet cuddly one.

Mooch is all activity!

Bunny is Miss Prissy Queen.

Pumpkin is too cool for his own good.
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Joji is the loner of the bunch. "Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone"
Skinny is the sweetest. "Whatcha doing? Huh? Huh? Can I join? Huh? Huh? I want to kiss you"
QT is my bully. "Here I come so get out of my way. I'm first and I say if it's okay"
Wawa is my policeman. "Stop that! Keep quiet! That's dangerous! Let me do it!"
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Crookshanks must be part Siamese cause all she does all day is meow she's really cuddly tho

Catalina is kinda moody she won't let ppl pet her unless she is very tired and doesn't bother to put up a fight

Kitty Kitty (KK) loves everybody and if u pet her just once she'll follow u around forever
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Evey is loud, lazy, and oh-so-cute!!! She knows how to be adorable, so I can't stay mad at the continuous 20 lbs of cat hair around my house!

Sierra is such a sweetie, but can be lethal if you get on her bad side.

Neko is a huge ball of fur and fun!!! He's two years, and he acts like he's still a kitten! He runs around and chases everything that moves.

Tehya is an adorable little girl who knows how to act sweet to get what she wants. I've learned to beware her even when she's in a good mood; she can turn moody very fast! (I'm thinking thats only because she's pregnant though )
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Spaz is a cuddle slut, she'll hug and drool on anyone that will give her the time of day.

Vash likes to think he's a big man, he's annoying and obnoxious, like any typical 1 y/o boy, but when all is said and done, what he really wants is a lap.

Trouble is my big, laid back roll with the punches boy. Vash's littermate and complete opposite, hates to be held, but will always take advantage of my lap when it's available.

Shadow well, he's a pain in the butt cat, tries to convince himself he's the alpha, when in fact he lets every cat in the house push him around. Not a real hands on guy, but he has his moments.

Cassi is a shrinking violet. Too long she lived as a feral, she really craves attention, but she still questions the motives of humans. We're only allowed to touch her ears and chin, everything else is off limits and she'll retreat to her safe spot.

Ivory is independant and has what it takes to insert herself as alpha, time will tell if she asserts herself.
She loves to play as well as cuddle, she likes to explore, and destroy.
She has the spirit I enjoy most in cats.
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Sammy is very affectionate, always follows me around and has to sit near me. He is energetic and playful still. Doesn't really sit on my lap much, but is cuddly none the less. Very vocal, likes to follow me into a room and just meow. Very sweet andfriendly with strangers.
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Katie is sweet, shy, and laidback. It doesn't take much to make her happy, a warm lap to snuggle on, being told how pretty she is and an occasional treat of tuna.

Gracie is my needy girl. She always has to know where I am and what I'm doing. She is very vocal and demanding, but also extremely affectionate.

Pete is an absolute sweetheart. He has grown from a fearful feral kitten to a playful, easygoing young cat.

All three are shy around strangers, but gradually warm up to people as they get to know them.
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