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Update on Tyler...good news for once!

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We just had our first checkup post Tyler's being diagnosed with early CRF, hyperthyroidism and ?early diabetes (still up in the air on that one), and a low potassium level.

He's been on Calcitriol and Methimazole, and a potassium supplement, since diagnosis, and this was to see how he was responding.

I am so pleased! He dropped his blood sugar 30 points, is now down to high normal on his thyroid, and the best news was he dropped his Creatinine from 2.5 down to 1.9! Bun is still sl. elevated, so we need to work on that still. His low potassium is now up to low normal, his phosphorus level is remaing good.

Such good news for my panther mans, who btw, has his 16th birthday coming up in the Fall
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this is such good news Pat!
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Way to go Tyler. That is wonderful news.
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Keep up the good work Tyler
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I am so tired of my sweet baboo having such a bad year overall. He developed Uveitis end of April in one eye, so we've been treating this with various meds and having follow-up visits. He seemed to be getting better until his most recent checkup - he has an erosion now on this eye, and his pressures were up in both eyes - leading my vet to be concerned about glaucoma (and she could not visualize his left retina). So we were refered on to a veterinary opthamologist, and were lucky to get a next-day apt. when I called.

He has bleeding in the back chamber of his left eye, and unbeknowst to us, has no vision there at present His blood pressure was checked and is quite elevated (a previous within the last 5 weeks was high normal), so tomorrow I call our regular vet and we will be discussing beginning him on b/p meds. I am also finding results out tomorrow of blood work taken today.

Needless to say, I am very's enough already - all that he's been through since his surgery last Fall for bladder stones - the recent diagnosis of crf and hyperthyroidism. To look at him, his coat is shiny, he purrs the instant I touch him, his weight is back to decent (still a bit low), he just doesn't look his age (he'll be 16 this Fall).

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You & Tyler have been through a very rough time. I am so sorry about this latest news. I will be praying for you & your sweetie pie.
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Thank you.
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Oh Pat ... please give this little sweetie a gentle chin scritch or two from me, won't you? I have such a soft spot in my heart for the special-needs babies.

Healing light and hugs,

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I will..this is my little special great-grandson of the foundation female of the entire American Curl breed.

We'll get through this, hopefully the cancer bullet, one of the possibilities behind all that is happening with the eye, will be dodged.
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Good news Thanks for sharing it
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Tyler is an amazing fella to be coping with so much and still be so happy. I commend you for everything you are doing to get Tyler through all these hurdles. Since joining this site it has me alarmed to see just how common CRF is.

Much love to Tyler for being so strong
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Precious little Tyler, you and your Mom have had such a tough year.Pat, you are so strong and your little boy is so very brave. You've both shown this time and time again. I am praying for you both.
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You do good work, and he is a testament to that fact!
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Much love for you and Tyler pat.... I will keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers
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Pat, both of you are in my thoughts. He sure sounds like an amazing little guy!
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Oh Pat I'm sorry to hear about the latest update!
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You have obviously done some amazing work with him to get him to this age, fingers crossed the eye problem can be sorted easily.
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Thread Starter's frustrating as he's had few problems in his life (his ears have been prone to yeast/goo), everything has hit this past year +. I too hope we can get this erosion cleared up, then finally get the uveitis cleared up, and that maybe he can regain sight in this left eye.

I'm waiting for a call back from my vet re our next step in dealing with his high blood pressure. One step at a time...and in the meantime, all he does is purr the instant he's in my arms, give me kamikaze head butts, and cheek rubs galore (juicy ones too as he drools when purring sometimes).
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Aww give him some scritches from me, Pat. He sounds like a doll.
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Aww give him some scritches from me, Pat. He sounds like a doll.
You would love him, he's really been a blessing since he "picked me" as a kitten, and insisted he was staying in my life. No other cat travelled as many thousands of miles with me going to shows as he did - we had lots of hotel room meals together, and many interesting really forged the bond even deeper.
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Pat, I've had so little time on TCS - I didn't know this was going on! Poor little guy! He sounds so loving and like he's a little fighter. You'll get through this together, and with you on his side, he's one lucky guy. It sounds like you've got an incredible bond - he's sure got a reason to fight all of this! I just sent up a prayer that not only should Tyler get well soon, but that he'll get his eyesight back in his left eye too.
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Thanks we begin him on a low dose of med for his blood pressure, and take him in for a quick check of his bp at our regular vet's on Monday. He will be re-examined for his eye in 3 weeks at the specialists, I'll post more after that apt., and if anything changes in the mean time.

We really do have a his litter, I was in love, madly, with his brother, planned to show him, named him etc., and due to a twist of fate, Tyler was the kitten I kept to show. I cried, horribly, in public the day I sold his brother at a show (to a wonderful vet home), but haven't regretted keeping Tyler since. I have pix of Tyler as a kitten beaming/smiling up at me...who knows why, he just decided he really loved me from a very, very young age.

Aloof with all other kitties (except Joshua the bumblecurl, who he got along well with), it even took him time to warm up to DH who is just a big warm cat guy with a beard that the cats love to groom Now I think he adores my dh and realizes it is much more fun to be loved by two humans, than one.
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