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Another BAD Virus is out

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Hey everyone there is another bad virus out. It just came out today and Norton just now got the fix for it this evening. I have been told by my son (computer specialist) that everyone should run their live update. The virus is called W3goner.a and comes not in email. Wayne got the virus and we found that the virus was also trying to send to me from Waynes computer via ICQ under the name of gone.scr... I suggest that you do not open anything with the word GONE in it. Wayne has found that it has totally deleted his Norton and is trying to send to everyone on his email list. He has closed down his email and etc until we can find out what to do tomorrow..

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Well, great, because I have received it TWICE from him.
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Well I am sorry Deb..... he didnt get the virus on purpose you know!!
I tried to warn everyone as soon as possible. Evidently it is going around everywhere as they also had it on the news awhile ago. I have recieved it several times myself but had updated my virus protection so it didnt mess up anything on my computer. As long as you dont open the attachment you should not get the virus. If you do get the virus the fix for it is at this address......

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Luckily for me, it must not like Macs. I had opened it, but my computer didn't recognize the file. I have since done a live update and run my Norton. It says I'm clean.

Macs rule. PCs drool.
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Thank you Meme!!!!! I appreciate the warning!!! I have Norton, and I will go do the live update right now!!!!!!!!!

I have such a problem with these people who have NOTHING better to do with their time than sit around and think up new viruses and get their jollies from hurting innocent people, who they don't even know. If they are so smart, why don't they use it for good.....instead of creating these viruses. Why would someone want to wipe out thousands of peoples computer systems, just because they can????? It makes me so mad!!!

And I too, have sent out viruses, that were attached to my e-mails, without meaning to, or knowing it. I wiped out a friends computer recently, and I still feel really horrible about it. She didn't have the Norton anti virus protection, and her anti virus protection didn't catch it. it wasn't my fault, I certainly didnt send it on prurpose, I just forwarded something sent to me by someone else, and it musat have had a virus attached to it...and even though it wasn't my fault I still feel bad.
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It's a good thing that I didn't recognize KF's real name otherwise I would've opened his e-mail (that he sent me TWICE) and crashed my computer. I never open ANY e-mail from anyone I don't recognize. I do have Norton, but never take the chance. It's just a safeguard I've learned. If it's important enough, and I finally figure out who it is, I will have them re-send it. It's called precaution.
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This sucker just piggybcked into my email from my old computer instructor. The email was just titled Hi and says when i saw this screensaver I thought of you. DO NOT open ANYTHING that has this message. Sorry if I infected anyone..sure wasn't intentional. It wiped out my Norton file.
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No need to apologize. These people are ruthless. It's a good thing there are anti-virus programs. I've been fortunate enough never to have one affect my computer. Precaution is the key I guess.
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Wayne, there is really no need to apologize, anyone who knows you will know you did not send it out on purpose. I hope you got it all fixed now!
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Well Wayne still dont have it fixed. He ran the fix thing from Norton but for some reason it didnt work. Poor man had just come home from working 12+hrs and already had a bad sinus headache. It seems he is allergic to the mold in the stuff he is hauling. Anyhow we tried all night to get rid of the damn virus but it is still there. Had to give up for the night so he can get a few hrs sleep before going to work tomorrow.

My daughter in law sent me the virus earlier today but I was not feeling well so didnt open it. Thank goodness. And then an hour or so later she sent another email telling me not to open the first one if I hadnt already done so. So I deleted the first mail and then ran my norton live update. Since then I have recieved the file 2 time via ICQ and once by mail. Norton caught the one that came via mail but not the icq ones. But I noticed and deleted them myself.

Lord I would love to get my hands on someone that does this stuff!!!

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BTW.... for anyone else besides Donna that dont know Kittfoots real name it is Wayne Pond and his email addy is tictac@nbnet.nb.ca

So dont open anything from him until further notice.

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Barb, I am so sorry that you and Wayne have had to go through this....it seems you guys have enough problems without this....when it rains it pours I guess.
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Phew!! Glad I read this thread!! I just noticed a email from KF entitled HI!!! Good job this thread notice came before that one!!! Hope it gets sorted soon Wayne!
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Glad you caught it Bod. I posted this thread just as soon as we found out he had it. Just hope everyone has read it. We still havent been able to get it off his computer. Will try again tonight when he gets home. What a mess this one is!!!!!

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Wow...I remember one time when a good friend of mine had the BadTrans virus and I had gotten emails from her continuously. I opened the first one and contracted the virus...screwed my whole system up ...rrrrrrrrrrr

So, anytime I see someone sending me more than one email, I usually get nervous, but with Norton, I'm cool. This time it appears to be a bit different cause it circumvents the anti virus...which is kinda stange...I don't understand that, but I'm going to make sure I have all the updates on Norton now. Thanks Meme for the additional info.

By the way Wayne, your computers emailed me about six times
Thank God I read this and other articles about it. It used your real name and in your screen name too.

I hope you get it fixed soon Wayne...they really do suck!

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Well if you dont have the latest updates on you Norton program then it wont detect the virus. So make sure you run live update.

What this virus does if it is not detected and infects your system is re-name all the anti virus files!!! Its a mess for sure.

My Norton just now picked up two badtrans viruses that came in on an email from someone I dont even know. Norton and I got rid of it though...

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Noooo...Meme, I do use my live update everyday!!! It's on a schedule and since I'm on DSL...if it got any faster it'd be a sin. I'm still waiting for the bucks to get that T-1 though! Yippee! :LOL: There's nothing worse than having a friggen virus. It happened to me twice, but since I've installed Norton on my new system....I've been totally blessed. Those things are as ruthless as the people that write them.

Love & Hugs

PS........I hope your foot's better sweetie :foot: No, I'm not kissing your feet! hahah!
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CAT....Barb's Veeeery ticklish...even I can't kiss her foot. Not saying anything else...

This virus disabled my Norton AV which has been working just fine up till now. Apparently it changes all the AV file names..it's a real Female Dog to get rid of.

I suuuuure would like to meet the...person....who originated this one.

What do you folks think would be a good punishment for these idiots?
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You asked ....so, when you get your email up I'll send it! :LOL::LOL::LOL:
All my torture techniques are the same...it always has to do with the biggest fear in my life. So, that's why I always use this 10 easy step method: (When in doubt, call, I'll walk you through it)
I was going to post it...but I thought members would get a little :disturbed
:laughing2 :LOL::LOL::laughing2

Actually, it's certainly a JOKE!!!
I'd only post it, if there was popular demand! :LOL:
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