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Newbie, Please Help. Cat w/ Hepatic Lipidosis

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Okay, here is the story (kinda long.) I took my 9 year old baby (orange tabby) to the vet nearly 2 weeks ago due to bloody diarrhea. The vet found Giardia, which evidently invaded my house when I adopted a new Bengal kitten from a breeder in January. While Bud (my baby) was at the vet, they noticed he was jaundiced. They ran lab tests and found abnormally high liver enzymes. He was sent home with antibiotics, and all 3 of my cats were treated for the Giardia.

WELL, a few days after I brought Bud home, I noticed he would not eat, even tuna fish, which is VERY abnormal for him. Usually he will eat anything, even if I drop an onion on the floor! He went back to the vet, and liver enzymes were even HIGHER, so ultrasound and x-rays were ordered.

Nothing significant in x-ray, ultrasound showed enlarged liver and small amount of fluid in the abdomen. Pancreas appeared normal. They performed a biopsy, which confirmed Hepatic Lipidosis, and no cancer cells were found. To make a long story short, the HL could have been caused by stress of new kitten OR Giardia.

After a day or so of ATTEMPTED force feeding, we opted for a feeding tube (the one that goes thru back of neck to tummy.) He has had the tube since Friday, and there has been no improvement. He looks depressed, does not purr, or want anything to do with me. After most of the feedings he vomits, although most of the food stays down. This morning he FINALLY pooped, which I am taking as a good sign.

I am wondering if any of you have ever dealt with this, and have any advice or suggestions. Does he have a good chance of recovery? Do most cats die from this condition? I have done tons of research, and everything I have read indicates a good chance of survival, but he just looks so horrible! Please help!

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Would that I could. Hopefully some one here has some insight for you. I wish you and Bud all the best.

Purry nose rubs go out to you both. Get well soon Bud and keep up the good work mommy Holly
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I'm so sorry your baby is ill, Holly. Hepatic Lipidosis is a very serious illness, and you are smart to have taken quick action. Is it possible you could seek the treatment and advice of a Feline Specialist? You may want to check out this Feline Assisted Feeding Group where you can share and learn from the experiences of others and know there are others out there going through this same painful situation. I am praying for your little boy.
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We have had several members here who have fought this battle with their cats. There is a good overall article click here written by Hissy, that you might want to read over. I hope that the members here who have dealt with this, will respond to share their personal experiences.

I'm frankly glad to hear you have the feeding tube..the key to turning this around is getting nutrition in them, and that you are doing. It will take time, but hopefully, you will see some improvements soon.
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