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New kitten and Older Cat

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I am a high school teacher and was brought a little feral kitten, I say feral because it was so wild when they brought it in..kinda like it had the devil in it Well, anyway, I took it to the vet, had it checked and got it ALL of its shots and then brought it home. I also have a 12 year old male cat at home (kitten is also male). The kitten began to tame very quickly (wouldn't let it down on the floor...it had to stay in my lap or on my shoulder), it doesnt' seem to care about the older cat. My older cat, though, is very jealous (as I knew he would be) and will not let me touch him if the kitten is within visiblity range. I have to take the older cat into another room to even pet him. If I pick him up in the same room as the kitten, he will growl and hiss until he can not see the kitten anymore and then get very affectionate in my arms. Has anyone else seen this where the kitten is placid and the older cat is the trouble maker??? Usually it is the other way around. I know the behavior will eventually stop, but does anyone have some suggestions to get the older cat to respond to me if the kitten is around???

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Honestly time is the best answer. I would definatley keep up what you are doing. Making sure your 12 year old gets time for himself with just you. You can try making them smell the same. The easiest and cleanest way to do it would be to rub them each with the same fabric softner sheet or something similar. Did you do a slow introduction with them? If not, you can start again by keeping the kitten in just one room of the house for a week or two. Let your 12 year old sniff him under the door and then on occasion, take the kitten out and let your older cat come in and have a look. I have had it take a month or more for the older resident cats to adjust. I am sure with time, the older one will at least tolerate the baby.
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My 3 year old, Leo, was like that with both kittens we have gotten since we got him. It took a few weeks, but everyone adjusted and they all get along pretty well. Leo still has a little jealous fit occasionally, but he gets over it. The younger ones are very loving with the older 2, and the oldest, 13 year old Fred is parent to all 3 of the others. Yours will find their place in the household. Good luck and bless you for taking this little one in.
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