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Growling on my shoulder

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I am brand new into owning a cat hence on this forum.

My cat is pretty young and seems to fancy sitting on my shoulders going from one side to the other (he is there right now) and making a growling sound.

What does this mean ?

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What kind of cat is he? If he is of Oriental or Siamese type, that may be typical of the breed or the mix of breed. I have a Sphynx that loves to sit on my shoulder. She loves to just sit while I walk around. I also have a Siamese mix who just, I wouldn't say growl, but it's a deep type of meow. Nothing mean or anything. Do yo have any other cats in your house? Unless he seems stressed out, I wouldn't worry about. It could be his way of communicating with you and telling you he likes being there.
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Hi Donna,
I don't know the kind of cat he is. I reckon he must like being on my shoulder as this afternoon he spend about 40 minutes there and some stage he was almost sleeping. The most tired of us was probably me.

Is this a going habit or should I try to train him not doing this?

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It sounds to me like he is protecting you. When cats have thier prey and things that belong to them, they growl to let anyone know they better not mess with it. The only reason you may want to curb it is because later on he may just attack someone who gets to close to you. You may just want to try putting him down when he growls and then when he is good, let him stay there.
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Are you sure he actually growls? If he fell asleep during this time, sounds to me like he was purring If you've never had a cat before maybe you thought the loud purr was a growl?
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