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Just got back from the vets......

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Not sure what board to put this on.

Okay, I have three foster kittens, which at first they thought they were 3 week old.. but i am thinking 5-6 weeks maybe, as they can run and their eyes are green, not blue. The runt, Skittles, was doing very poorly this morning so Icalled the rescue centre up and had them make an appointment to be seen. I took her up and they gave me some antibiotics, liquid amoxill I think, which she gets twice daily for 10 days, and ointment for her eyes which go in 2-3 times daily until better.
He also gave me some KMR and told me to feed her as much as it as she would take, becuase she stopped eating the PD food that he had originally gave to me. But she doesn't even want that really.. I am afraid she is going to pass away or suffer .. is there anyway I can somehow feed her the formula that she will not fight me, or should I just force her to drink it?

Thanks in advance,
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I don't really know. But someone will post soon to help you out.

I do think you should call the vets office back. I bet the vet tech can tell you how best to feed this baby.

I do know it isn't good for older cats to go without food for long, so I would guess it is the same for babies. Can you just drip a few drops on her toungue, to see if the taste makes her start sucking?

Best of luck with this little one!
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Leto, if the baby is fighting you and refusing to take the nipple, then swab a little dab of Karo syrup on his tongue - this helps to get him to start moving his mouth and his sucking response. Dab a little drop onto the end of the nipple too. Once you have him moving his mouth, gently place the nipple into his mouth - and he should begin nursing right away.
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Also be sure the nipple of the bottle is pierced correctly. I don't know what happened but in the last few years, most of the bottles I buy the nipples are extremely hard to pierce. Run a heated sterilized large needle through the tip several times both ways. Then fill the bottle with water and turn it at an angle and see how it goes. Best way with it woud be to get a sharp x-acto knife and make a small x at the tip- that pulls the rubber away and makes the kitten have an easier time of sucking.

Talk to your vet about Nurturall-C instead of KMR- before you feed, take a warm cloth and gently stroke the kitten's tummy in one direction toward the tail- that will help him get things moving- good luck!
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I use a 3cc (3 mL) sryinge, but if I should use a bottle I can go buy one in the morning.

She seems to be eating about one syringe full before refusing to eat anymore.
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Skittles is doing better, shes eating off the plate again, and drinking water. Still can't get them to eat the hard food, but that should come with time. Her eyes are doing better as is her URI.
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