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The vet said that Puppy may have asthma. She gave her some steroid shots and some pills to take along with an antibiotic. How worried should I be? I read that if it isnt asthma, the shot could make her WORSE. I am too scared...so I have been watching her breathe for 2 hours. Please share any experience with this that you may have. I am extremely frightened for my baby.

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I wouldnt worry about the steroid making anything worse if it's not asthma. Normally they will give a cat steroids to open up the airways. I had a kitten who had trouble breathing when he was born. He was on steroids, along with a few other meds, all worked out very well.
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Relax and breathe LOL You're kitty will probably feeling wonderful after his shot. I have two cats with asthma. One mildly affected and needs occasionally meds, one moderately affected and needs meds every day. Most due quite well and some just have a rare episode and once treated they are fine for months.

If your kitty's problems turn into a long term treatment, please try inhaled steroids. Go to this site for wonderful info. :


Both my kitties have been on oral steroids for a while now and both have severe arthritis. Coincidence? I don't know. If I could do it all over again, I would try inhaled sterioids. Keep us posted.
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Believe me luckyIrish, when my Minmin was diagnosed with possibly having asthma last week, I was really worried. The vet called yesterday to confirm that it was indeed asthma and that she will have to undergo analysis of lung tissue to determine the correct treatment. I am taking her in to have her spayed next Wednesday and this test will be done at the same time. In the mean time, she is on medication to alleviate her coughing and it is working quite well. The vet said she will probably have to be treated with inhalants because oral medications usually cause weight gain and she is already overweight. I am really hoping she will let me treat her because just trying to administer a pill is a job in itself. She spits it out!! and is not a happy kitty!!So I have to place it in a chunk of soft catfood and forcefeed her.
Anyway, I wouldn't worry if I were you, because from what I see, read and have been told, asthma is very treatable and they lead a pretty normal life.
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