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Bowser got a new cat toy! (pics)

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My girlfriend decided to bring home a new kitten...

Let me set the story - Bowser is a 6 month old male kitty, who hasn't seen another cat in about 3.5 months. So, you can imagine that when he saw a kitten come home, he FREAKED. He was going insane. I didn't think it would ever work..

Well, after a few days, I guess little B decided to give her a chance. They now play all day - it's pretty funny.. I took a few pics because they were making me laugh my ass off the way they were playing.

Check it out:

This looks like how pornos start:

Him kicking her butt:

More butt kicking:

The new kitty chasing Bowser:

Bowser biting her butt as she's running away:

I LOVE this pic.. he looks like a lion on the Serengeti taking down a gazelle:

Bowser commensing an attack:

He bit her a little too hard a couple times, so I bit him to show him what it felt like. He didn't give a crap though.

And here's his prey - errr, new friend - Kismet:

I love these little guys.
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What a cute pair of kitties! Boy they sure do play.

I'll move this to Fur Pictures.
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I want a Bengal now! Bowser and Kismet are adorable! Thanks for sharing the great pics. The real treasure will come when you find them snuggled up together
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They are both beautiful. Congrats on your new kitty.
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They look like they're having the time of their lives!
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great pics!!
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I'm glad to hear they are getting along well and are playing!! I love watching my two paying together too.
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They are both adorable, those pics are so cute!
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seeing your kitty, now my boyfriend wants a bengal!!! lol thanks!!...
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Awww, they're both cuties! Little Kismet must be a feisty one to hold her own with big ol Bowser
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OH my gosh - Bowser is a GORGEOUS bengal!!!!!!! What FANTASTIC pictures!!!!!!!
(My Safari is a bengal. Most awesome cat I've ever had.)
And your other baby is beautiful, too!!!
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What adorable pictures of your new furbabies! Have fun with them!
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Oh they are beautiful..I love their names!
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That is too cute. I love watching my cats play. Cats get the cutest, most serious looks on their faces! Bowser does look like he's on the hunt
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Of course you already know that Bowser & Kismit are adorable. The pic of Bowser on the Serengeti is a reminder that we live with little wild cats. Wonderful
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Ahhh people keep tormenting me with bengal pictures!!!!! lol They look like Bowser is helping Kismet do situps in the second picture haha
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I am really becoming a fan of Bowser and Kismet. You take great pictures of them. My husband l oves them too. I had to show him the pictures on your website of you and Bowser where you have him on your lap waving. He does that with our cat Inca puts him on his lap and make him wave do cheers and Inca just goes along. I thought he was the only one that does that.
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Beautiful pics!!
And even more beautiful cats!!
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Awww, what a couple of cuties!!! I'm glad they are starting to get along!
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Cute kitties... just watch them and make sure the big cat doesn't really hurt the kitten.
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Like I said in a previous post, Bowser is by far the coolest cat I have ever seen my whole 14 years of living!
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wow, thanks for the kind words everyone!! I'm glad to report that the kitties are loving each other more and more everyday!

Here's a couple cat nap pictures.. They've become nappin buddies now too!

Bowser licking Kismet's ear.. not sure why, but I think he has a fetish for her ears.. He licks them nonstop.. hahaha

Here's dad getting in on the catnap.
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they are too cute, reminds me of when i first brought pandy home, bonnie was wary but then they started to play and finally napped together.

beautiful pics!

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Awwww their brilliant!

Just wait until Bowser experiences Kismets tortitude when she's older though!!
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Superb pictures! The bravery of tiny little kittens never ceases to amaze me
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Awww! I just love the little one! THey both remind me of mine when I first got Aerowyn! Elliot was the same way, wary at first, but then played with her and loved her up Kitty love is so adorable!
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