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URGENT- ideas needed for a presentation

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Good morning!

I am back at work after being out sick for a while and am trying to catch up on work AND prepare for this IMPORTANT presentation which I am to present to a group of employers at USDA TOMORROW.. I had brought the books home over the weekend to work on this but ended up going to the ER Fri and due to painkillers slept almost the WHOLE weekend and yesterday away!

The topic is "Networking with Upper Administration".. I would really appreciate any ideas, input or suggestions you mayhave for this.

I am right now stumped and am having a hard time getting started on this! Am getting stressed out and I am still not 100% better- still have pain in my hand/arm and feeling pretty weak so not sure if I can last all day today at work so any ideas at this point would be GREAT!!

HOPE to hear from some of u guys soon.........
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Tip#1: BE VISIBLE! Go to company events, dinners, community meetings that the upper-level administrators attend, etc.
Tip#2: Ask them questions/seek their advice! Even if you don't need it, this lets them know that you take your job sersiously, which reflects greatly on you!
Tip#3: Find a way to subtly brag about success that you have had in your program or any new initiatives that you have taken on. If they know that you are confident and proud of your success, they will look upon you in a very favorable light, especially when it comes to handing out promotions!
Hope this helps Pam. GOOD LUCK!
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I'm soooo glad you're feeling better!!

I really can't think of anything to add to help you with your project but Amy did have some good ideas!

Good luck!
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Pamela....how'd the presentation go?
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Pamela....how'd the presentation go?
It went WONDERFUL! Thanks for asking! Ur ideas got me started on the presentation so THANK U. I forgot to post that earlier..

If u'd like, I can email u a copy of my PowerPoint presentation regarding this.
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