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Nathan is inspite of his allergies! He's sad that he's missing so much of Mooch and Noodles growing up right now. I keep assuring him that they will not be full grown when he gets home and still full of energy! I've got some cute pictures of him cuddling them too. And he about went overboard on things for them too! I just love my man!
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My husband Paul is a HUGE softie!! He even gives loves to the cats when his buddies are here! Actually all his buddies love our furrless babies too! I remembered why I fell in love with Paul the first time I heard him talk baby talk to Monte when we brought him home........sigh
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Softie, definitely! Babycakes, for as long as we've had her, gets the milk left off of his cereal as a treat in the mornings.........lately, he's been eating breakfast at the bakery, so she has been missing her treat.....one night last week we had cereal for a bedtime snack......she jumped up on the couch arm and was mooching his milk....when he didn't get done fast enough, she stuck her furry lil' head in his bowl and started drinking! He never said a word, just let her have it, lol!!

That made me laugh really hard!!!!

I got Cj for support right before I started going though a really bad breakup. So I dont have any men in my life except for cj, and he is a my softie. I have brought a couple of guys over and one was playing with cj with my laser pointer and acted like he was going to shine it in his eyes, I told him to stop it and he was like why, its not going to hurt him. I told him I would shine it in his eyes see if he likes it, and he told me to calm down, he's "just a cat". Needless to say I didnt go on a second date. You dont mess with my baby!

Cj is my baby, my best friend, and my roomie. I am protective of him.
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- he told me to calm down, he's "just a cat" -

That type of attitude really annoys me, my cats are like my children
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Brandon was never a "cat person" until I flat out told him Baker was coming to live with us. Very long story short, Baker was found as a hurt kitten who did not have much time to live. He thought my Mom would take him, until I fell in love. Baker was ours.
Until one day Baker was always mine, Brandon wanted nothing to do with a cat. ALL LIES! At one horrible point Baker only had a few days to live. I had never seen Brandon cry before that. Now he has his "Women" Me, Cola and Tango. Baker wants only me So I guess Baker is paying Brandon back but he is now a cat person and I have Baker to thank for that
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Hehehehe Yes, yes and yes!! Rune is a complete pushover when it comes to cats! Nicky (maverick_kitten) and I were already talking about how he "ruins perfectly good names" - to use her own words there - when he creates little nicknames for them He's such a softie. If one of the cats are sat on him, he won't move until they do, he'll make sure they've got the best of everything... those cats are spoiled stupid! Apart from with their names... so I guess it balances out There's a cat on the bottom floor of the apartment building that likes to come up and sit in his apartment and be cuddled - and if he finds it outside miaowing at the window of it's home, he'll lift it up and post it through the window, instead of waiting for him to jump!! What a lump of sop!!
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Oh, yeah, mine is a huge softie when it comes to the cats, and does not care who knows it. Scooter cuddles with him at night, and he alwyas makes sure his little spot on the bed is just the way Scooter likes it. When we thought we were going to have to put Fred down a few weeks ago, he was more upset than I was. I found him sitting up with Fred, crying, telling him how he had been such a good little friend. If I didn't love him before that, he would have had my heart then.
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Oh yes! both our cats know exactly how to get around Doug! He makes them up a bed on the sofa at night, gives them treats, won't move if one of them sits on him! Best of all though, he cleans out the litter tray!!!!! And all this from a man who said to me, years ago, "Oh OK you can have a cat, but don't expect me to have anything to do with it". HA HA! One look at the kitten was all it took to squash that idea! And since then, I've added more and more pets to the household and he loves them all. I don't blame him for his original attitude; he'd had a deprived childhood and had kept no pets of any kind before he moved in with me.

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I think mine is in a way, but mostly I think he's a softie for me because he can't stand to see me feeling bad or crying, but he has been wonderful through all the trapping and such, he is a Gem..
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