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I Just Got These and Thought I'd Post ''em  

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This first four are of me and Opie. He was still at the vets, but you can see how loving he was there...:laughing2 Now, it's like "Yeah right, whatever you say lady"...:laughing2

....."Yo, Opie...up here"....

..."Hey, You wanna get out...give me the catnip and I'll hook ya up."

..........Poor Murphy is trying to wean Cash...he really is!
..........Cash is sooooooo confused! He loves his big bro :laughing2

.................Cary snugglin with his huggybear...

Well, of course there's more, but too many! :LOL: It's fun to capture them in the wildest, most precious poses. Kodak moments...:laughing2 Just priceless
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Cat - these are sooooooooo precious!
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What a great recovery coop you made! Opie looks so happy to see his mom.
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Awwwwwww!!! What great pictures, Cat! Opie looks great.

Poor Cash. It IS a confusing world! LOL!
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Those are great pictures! They are all so huggable!!
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Those are great pics! Opie (and the rest) are sooo lucky they keep you as a pet! You are truly and :angel2: !

Thanks for sharing!

Cash & Cary are awesome, too!

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Oh Cat, those pictures are GREAT!!!! What a doll !!!!!! (and Opie isn't bad either...:LOL: )
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Those photos are wonderful! I love Opie giving head butts and kitty nose kisses. Those are two of my favorite kinds of cat cuddles! And I nice to know I don't have the only kitty boy with a gender identification nursing issue. lol I do have pics of that, I just haven't uploaded them yet.

Your kitties are too too sweet.
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You are such a great cat mom, Catarina, and it shows in the pictures, with how much Opie obviously loves you!!!!
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I'm going to have to agree with Debby - More pics of the owner please!
post #11 of 21 is a link that Catarina gave me several months ago, and I saved it, if you want to see more of her....isn't she just gorgious????? ( and no, I'm not into women, for anyone who is about to ask that question...LOL... :laughing: ) but I can still appreciate a beautiful human being no matter what sex they are!

Please follow the link below to see Catarina
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Okay, never mind that, sorry, I just went there, and it has been long gone... She gave me this link along time maybe she has the new link, that photojam of hers was awesome!
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Okay, cat, where are you to save my hiney??? I look like a fool here....(as usual) :LOL: so where is that link to your photojam? ( in case anyone wants to see it, which I am sure they will)
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:laughing2:laughing2 Debby you're too cute, but the again, you know that! :LOL: :kiss;

First THANK YOU, everyone for such kind words and sharing about your kitties too.

Like I said, he was soooo happy to see me, we have a very special I'm sure you can relate. We're soooo close. Now that he's feeling better, he's getting a bit cocky (the little sh**!) :laughing2

Sunlion, it's so good to know poor Murphy is not the only one dealing with a nursing little is so cute though, he's trying to make him stop now, but he's doing it gently and he's such a love!

Jin, it is sooooooo confusing for him. It's kinda sad in a way because they were taken from their Mommy at approximately 4 weeks or 5 weeks old. They were abandoned in a box at a Kash & Karry Grocery Store...hence the names "Cash & Cary" :laughing2 Precious loves!

Deb, thanks, Opie loved his recovery room (NOT) hahaha! :laughing2...It was easy enough to put together, but I'm a carpenter...I have to know things like that! :LOL: I think he tolerated it for almost two weeks. That was the end of that! :laughing2

Sandie...I didn't see you at that Feline Anonymous Meeting did I? :LOL: You want to squeeze all the kitties! :LOL: I should talk! :laughing2

Bill, that's very sweet of you I think you meant an angel with horns? :laughing2

Fireshoes, I don't know why that link's not working, but I'll post that again....

Debby...You're soooo funny (I'll save your hiney!) hahaha! :laughing2
I have to find the darn thing myself....I think the one you had was old...

Love & Hugs,
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Oh cat they're sooooo sweet! What was wrong with Opie? I just love it when sophie gives me nose kisses too. It's funny, if I'm up reading late and she wants to cuddle, she makes me put my book down so she can lie on my chest and purr away...what's the deal with that lifting their tails and "mooning" you up real close thing anyway? I know it's a tremendous kitty compliment, but still...
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:LOL::laughing2 Hi ya Shawna:daisy:

Opie was severely injured and I'm the luckiest person to have found him after he was gone for three days. There's a big Thread around here somewhere, prabably about two or three pages back, but I explain in detail the incident and it's a miracle that he's alive and recovering so well.

The thing with them "mooning" us...:laughing2...Do I have to say? :laughing2 Well, you're right, it's a compliment :laughing2 What kind of compliment, I'm not quite sure, but, whatever :laughing2 Whatever attention I can get from them is fine! Bill said, I'm they're pet's that link you were talkin' about Debby. I think it works This is a Shockwave PhotoJam of Philip and myself...Please don't be offended by bikini wear; if so, don't watch it :laughing2 Cat & Philip

Love & Hugs,
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Awww Cat!! the pics of your babies are soooo cute!! Poor little Opie!!! Still glad hes fine now eh?!!! they are all just ADORABLE!!
As for the photojam thingy!! Cool!! But it goes so fast I can't see ya!! (have pity for the bog eyed...ha ha ha ha ha... Im near blind ya know!!!ha ha ha ha) Don't worry though, I eventually found the pause button!! ha ha ha ha - what super pics of you guys!!!
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Hey Cat! Opie looks like an older version of Rascal who is going to be three months old. I am glad he is doing alot better.
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Thanks sweetie, I'll put some up of India soon. I can't believe she's only 7 months old at sixty pounds!!! OMG and she still thinks she's a lap dog.

The cats hate her though! :LOL: Well, I think it's getting rather interesting, they are interacting through the, I think there's hope! :laughing2

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Oh Cat!!! That photojam was every bit as awesome as the other one! Thanks!
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