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Okay My cat had kittens 4 weeks ago. My sisters cat had kittens the same night. Mine are 3 times the size of hers and She told me the month will not let them nurse so she has been feeding them kitten food. is this safe or should we see if my cat will let her kittens nurse./ they are the size of a 1 week old kitten and they are 4 weeks old!
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Some cats are just small. Some cats are monsterous. If they are eating, then I would think they'd be fine. Four weeks is about the time they should start eating. And, also, the momma cat probably is still nursing them some, you probably just don't see it. I have one kitten who is like her daddy (HUGE) and another kitten who is like her momma (Itty Bitty Teensey Weensy!), and they are from the same litter. But, they are both perfectly normal.

However, I would suggest that if you are worried, call the vet and talk to them. Most, if not all, vets will give free advice over the phone, but be prepared to hear "Bring them in" because they all say that, too!
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Also, what size litters did they have? My cat is a small-boned girl who had 8 kittens. Another person I was comparing with on this board has a pretty large girl who only had 4 kittens. Her kittens are at least twice the size as mine. Right now 1 of my kittens is 6 weeks old and weighs 11 ounces!

But, she was the runt of the litter, and all of the above applies too. I went to the kitten calendar at the top of this thread and made sure all of the milestones were being reached at the right times, and since they were, I figured I just have small kittens!
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There is no set rule how many kittens are in a litter. If someone lets their female run indiscrimately outside unspayed, during kitten season that female can be mated with several times by different toms. This can produce a very large litter of various size kittens. I have seen as many as ten kittens in a litter, and also known where only one or two are born.
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