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Hissy Sissy's

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I have two lovely five year old sister kitties, named Mindy and Anime.

Last Friday, Anime visited the vet to have some teeth extracted (she had bad, bad breath). Since returning, my other kitty, Mindy, does not appear to know who Anime is any more. She spent a lot of the day hiding, would not eat her dinner next to Anime, and when approached by Anime, began hissing and growling at her. When Anime approaches Mindy, she runs away.

I know that this is all happening because Anime smells different and that once she starts washing herself, the vet smell will disappear, but I'm wondering whether Mindy doesn't recognise her sister because her breath doesn't smell bad anymore. Also, Anime doesn't seem to be very keen on washing herself at the moment. I don't know whether it's because she is still recovering.

My question is whether anyone has any tips on what I can do to make them love each other again? They used to be very friendly, licking each other and play-fighting. Now it's all aggression.

Can anyone help?

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It might be different in your case, but once when I took Blossom to vet, Billy forgot who she was when I brought her home. I called the vet just to ask and she said that they can be very involved in their inner life and just temporarily forget that the other cat has been with them forever!

Anyway, when Blossom came home, Billy was pretty mean to her, growling and hissing. After a few hours he seemed to calm down, and he remembered her after that. I have seen a few other threads along this same line that you can read.

It might be different since Anime has had some teeth out and her smell is altered. How long has this been going on? If it has been a few days then I can understand your concern. But if it is today, then they can probably work it out.
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