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Leads, leashes and walking

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As I've seen several people mention taking their kits for walks on leads/leashes, I'm wondering...how?! I keep thinking that a cat would be able to slip out of a collar or something...

Our older cat, Striker, acts like he wants out, although he's never been an outdoor cat. We adopted him when he was 12 weeks. I've tried to carry him in my arms out to our mailbox. He usually lasts about 3 steps, before he starts squirming, scratching, etc.

Admittedly, I've never investigated leashes, leads or harnesses. Any suggestions?

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In case you would want to try it go to the below website that shows you the kind of harness you
should use for cats!!!

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Thanks for the link! (so quickly, too!) I've only skimmed it, but I'll dig into it further when I get home.

Thanks, again.

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The 'walking jacket' on that page is too cool! I may get one for my kitties
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Since I travel alot by plane with my cats, I put them on a rabbit/ferret harness to go through security. It's a figure 8 and if they get spooked at the airport, I won't lose them. I have lots of friends that use them to even walk their cat.

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Never put just a regular collar on a cat unless it is the "breakaway " type. my friend put a collar on her kitty and the cat got it's lower jaw under the collar and totally freaked out and started rolling around in a frantic state. Kitty was stuck in that position until they got a pair of cutters and with much difficuly(Cause the collar was pulled so tight) managed to get just enough of the cutters between the coller and the cats neck and cut the poor cat loose. :disturbed so let that be a lesson to anyone looking to put a collar on a cat. A harness is the way to go
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Hi cat lover,s if you have a cat who like,s to go outside on a harness post it and tell me your story.
i have a cat her name is angel i take her out in front of apt on her harness and we set outside.
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My kitty, Mandy, seems to like her harness - she comes running when she sees me pick it up. I take her outside the apt to the walkway that goes by the apartments. We are on 3rd floor so I don't have to worry about her taking off for the outside.
She used to like to walk around a bit but lately just goes outside & sits & looks around and sniffs the air for a while. Then she is ready to come back in.
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