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Olives, spinach, what the?

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last week while waiting for my spinach to dry after washing them, teufel kept on jumping on the bench and stealing leafs. he dragged a very large leaf around the house, played with it and chewed on it!

Last night i opened a bottle of green stuffed olives and i put it on the hard part of my rocking chair so when i got back i could eat it, he had knocked it on the floor. bf had opened it to eat some, but teufel managed to lick the bottle and i dont know how it happened (bf didnt give any to him) but he ended up having two olives on the floor, he rubbbed them on his chin and purred at it, and was rolling around with it licking it, then he ate them.

I want to know if this is any safe for cats to eat.
Our of all the kitties ive had in my life, i have never seen any of them eat this

He also loves the smell of eucalyptus lollies, and will drag them out of a bowl and play with them for a long long time untill the wrapper comes off.
what is wrong with him??
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Fwan you want to be careful, although olives are not toxic to your cat they are not good for him either. The chemicals used to process green olives are less than lovely and cats have such a short digestive system that giving them something off their regular diet can cause stomach upset and bacterial issues.
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he seems to be fine and eating properly, i will check the litter box in a minute.
But i just dont understand why he went crazy over the olives.
I wont buy them anymore.
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A lot of cats like olives, for some reason. I wouldn't stop buying them, but I would keep them safely in the fridge. Spinach and carrots seem to be other favorites.
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Originally Posted by fwan
He also loves the smell of eucalyptus lollies
Eucalyptus must have a nice smell to kitties then. I have two small-ish trees in the garden and Guinness and his chums are forever snapping bits off to play with!
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