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My cat is vomiting uncontrolably!  

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My 4 month old kitty Mimi keeps on vomiting.My male cat Pepper is in heat and we think he might of got to her.Is vomiting a symptom of cat pregnancy?What are all the symptoms?Please help!
Special Mimi Needs Help!
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Take her to the Vet right away! Vomiting on a regular basis is not normal, she needs medical attention!!!

Male cats don't go into a period of heat, they are able to mate any time once they are sexually mature. It would be a really good idea to get Pepper neutered. If I remember correctly, not too long ago he ran away for a few days. He'll be happier and healthier if you do, and its not fair for your other cat to have litter after litter of kittens. Not to mention not being fair to the kittens who may not end up going to good homes. But regardless, this is secondary right now.

You need to get your kitty Mimi to a VET!!
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Tasha - Melissa is right - Mimi needs to be seen by the Vet. It is not normal to vomit like that on a regular basis. Please let us know how you make out.
Deb + cats
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Mimi has stopped Vomiting. We did not take her to a vet, She just suddenly stopped vomiting on her own. I hope that the vomiting doesn't return. I think that my little Mimi might be pregnant.Can you tell me all the symtoms of cat pregnancy?

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Cats don't vomit for no reason, even if she has stopped for now she needs to see a VET! especially if she has been sick and could now be pregnant. Please do the responsible thing and get her some medical attention.
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Melissa and Sandie have given you a solution to your begging and pleading to help Mimi, and yet you choose not to follow-up. Why bother asking for help, if you're not going to heed the advice offered for the well-being of your cat.

Please, PLEASE take Mimi to the vet, even though she's has stopped vomiting (for now). Melissa summed it up...cats don't vomit for no reason. Do good by your kittie...better safe than sad.

If you really think she's pregnant, the vet can tell you 100% for sure, no guessing.

Get those kits spayed and neutered (respectively).

Just my piece of mind,
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Yes, I agree with Billchamb and everyone else: take her to the vet now! Why risk her health any further? Perhaps if you can't take care of her, maybe you should think about putting her up for adoption. Has she been drinking water since she has stopped? I am sure the vomitting made her dehydrated.
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I agree with everyone, a vet visit is necessary..

However, I too have a cat that vomits all the time, I did go to the vet and found out that Zippy has a Sensitive Digestive System and I need to feed him sensitive stomach food. It has gotten better, but he still vomits 1-2 week. Because of the vet visit we know what to feed him and what to stay away from and this has helped.

Hope this helps, let us know what the vet says about Mimi.
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How is Mimi doing?
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I really don't get it. Everything you have been telling us...you have fleas, there's vomiting, they are sick, they have a problem with thier feet. Now you are saying that this one may be pregnant!! If I remember right, all the females are under a year old!!!! If you love your cats, you will stop this madness, take them to the vet, get them well, get rid of the fleas and for goodness sake, get them fixed!!
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Like everyone has said.. take her to a vet!!!! Even if the vomitting has stopped.

Is this the same cat that you wanted to crossbreed with??

I'll tell ya, even a vet won't be able to tell this early if your cat is pregnant.

I am puzzled though as to why you post all these things about sick/problem cats, then post about wanting to breed them and then not bother to take anyones advice?? If you don't really want to know what the right thing to do is, then why do you bother to ask? I, as Im sure most people here, would be more than happy to help you, but you have to be willing to do the right thing. It seems like your posting in the hopes to get someone to validate something you've aleady made a decision on. I'm not saying this to be mean, I care about what is happenning to your cats, and I also care about educating anyone who isn't familiar with feline care.. or the responsibilities that go along with being owned by one.

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Your almost saying that we don't know what were doing when it comes to cats.We ask for advice and get mean and very rude replies from some of you people.Mimi is fine now she's drinking lot's of water and is back to her frisky old self again.

We want advice.Not to be told to take them to the vet when we've explained it many times that we can't afford the vet because it's Christmas time.The vets here are very expensive.If you saw the prices just to get a check up you would say the same thing.

As for the fleas,we never said that there was so much of them that we couldn't breath!They are all currently on medication that prevents the flea eggs to hatch.They are going away.

We wouldn't dare to breed Mimi until she was healthy.We will get her checked after Christmas and then we will breed her to have a cross breed.Tigger,Pepper,Felix and Spaz are all going to get fixed in January as well.

And why would we get rid of them?It would break my 5 year old brothers little heart.He loves all the cats to pieces.How would you feel if I told you you didn't know what you were doing and that you should give up your cats?See it hurts doesn't it.

Thanks Anyways....
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You call some of us mean & rude, yet you won't listen to everyone's advice about taking your cat to the vet. It's still important to take her to the vet, just to be on the safe side. How much does your vet cost for an appointment? You say you cannot afford to take Mimi to the vet because of Christmas coming up .... Is it you who cannot afford to take her to the vet, or is it that your parents aren't willing to take her to the vet? I am sure there vets out there who would be willing to take payments. I can tell you that if something were wrong with my cats, I wouldn't care how much it cost me! What about taking her to one of the low-cost animal clinics? Everyone just wants to see your cats be ok. I don't see anything wrong with that, do you? Please take everyone's advice & take her to the vet if you love her that much...... that is part of being a responsible cat owner.
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No one here has been rude or mean to you. You have asked for help with a problem, and when people try to advise you, you get very defensive. Repeated vomiting in a cat is not normal and the cause needs to be determined by a vet. Even if she seems to have recovered, take her to the vet NOW!!!
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Realizing that at age 16, you may not have the financial resources yourself to take Mimi to the vet, take a look back at what you wrote. (Paraphrase)"The vet's are too expensive and its Xmas time."
Undoubtedly, you love Mimi and the rest or else you wouldn't have come asking. I guess, at 35, I fail to see the value in a short term Xmas gift over care for your beloved pet. Ask Catarina, Hissy or a host of others about the self-sacrifices they've made to guarantee the health and safety of their cats.

Again, realizing that the financial decision may not be entirely up to you, I'm sure your frustrated. We're caring people, not a collective waiting to pounce.

Be well, and keep those kitties happy and healthy.

Peace to you,

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Well said
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I would also like to add that if you (or your parents) cannot afford to take one cat to the vet for a check-up, you certainly cannot afford to breed this cat (or any cats). The more cats you have, the more money it costs to care for them....and pregnancy can lead to many medical complications which can be very expensive. Therefore, I STRONGLY encourage you not to breed your cats.

I do not mean to sound harsh. I only want what is best for the cat.
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Eveyone here just gets upset because they REALLY, REALLY REALLY Care - please do not judge tooo harshly. But if you remove the emotions and I know that is hard, you must admit the advise/information provided makes a lot of sense and has the best in mind for your baby.
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i have to say that i have read the above and agree with you that no-one is being nasty. i don't think that the purpose of this board is to replace a vets opinion and i cannot believe that anyone would even hesitate to take their pets to the vets....

i live in england and i can tell you that the cost of vetinary treatment over here is very very high. i have 2 cats...one of which i have just forked out £200 on....a stray (Jasper) that i took in only 2 months ago that had to have an abcess drained and lots of drugs.

my other cat (Jasmine) has changed behaviour overnight and is recthing a furball. i cannot afford to take her to the vet...but i will...i would draw every last penny out of the bank if i thought my cats were ill.,....and its christmas time......

sorry if this sounds harsh...but you do not deserve to have pets if thats the way you feel
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I do so deserve cats!
Remember I have 5 of them and taking them all to the vet just for a check-up would cost around $400.00(Can).I know I should be taking them to the vet but it's not my money.My parents make over $120,000 a year but they have 6 people to feed,5 cat's to feed,1 large dog,40 fish,mortgage,bills...It's not cheap!They are struggling just to pay taxes.They have to give the government $15,000.We have a large family so the Christmas gifts aren't going to be cheap,breakable gifts just so Mimi can see a vet.I love my cats so much.It breaks my heart to see any of them sick.You are trying to say that they are all going to die if they don't see a vet.My aunt has a 13 year old cat that hasn't had any shots and has never seen a vet.She is the healthiest cat I've ever seen.Lot's of cats have problems that can't be taken care of.Like Tigger.His walking isn't very good because he was in a car accident.When he came home he was almost dead.Taking him to the vet would have been stupid because they would've said that he would have to be put to sleep.We nursed him back to health and he's very happy.

Not every cat HAS to see a vet EVERYTIME they sneeze or puke.I'm sure she'll be a happy and VERY HEALTHY mother when she has babies.We're not going to take your advice on not breeding MIMI.That is our choice not yours.We never ask you whether we should or should not breed her.We just asked if the kittens would turn out beautiful.

Canadian vets are way more educated than any other vets around the world.That is very true.Why do you think it costs so much to see one??That's all I have to say about that.
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Originally posted by tasha153
We have a large family so the Christmas gifts aren't going to be cheap,breakable gifts just so Mimi can see a vet.
I think the point is, that most people on this board, would rather make sure their cat is healthy and give a less expensive gift, than gamble with their cats welfare and spend more money on presents.
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Well, being a Canadian, I can say that at least in my parts, the Vet is pretty reasonable. Then again, i don't put a price tag on my cats health. I would think Mimi's health is a bit more important than Christmas gifts, she is a living creature and deserves medical care when she needs it. I understand that its not your call to make, its up to your parents. And, I don't doubt that you love your cats, you wouldn't be here posting if you didn't. Taking a sick or injured cat to a Vet is never a stupid idea. They are there to help your animals. You posted and said your cat was very sick, and wanted to know what to do. Yet, as has already been said, you don't take the advice. Its very hard for us to sit here knowing what needs to be done, but seeing you fail to do it. We're concerned about your cats, and cats in general, are are trying to give you sound advice. i just wish you'd listen.
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Lot's of cats have problems that can't be taken care of. Like Tigger. His walking isn't very good because he was in a car accident. When he came home he was almost dead. Taking him to the vet would have been stupid because they would've said that he would have to be put to sleep. We nursed him back to health and he's very happy.
If Tigger was hit by a car he should have been taken to the vet. They would have treated him for shock, taken X-rays, stabilized him, checked for internal bleeding, and soft tissue damage. If it was necessary, they would have performed surgery to repair any injuries that wouldn't heal otherwise. The vet would have done what was necessary and what you were willing to pay for. I don't know of any vets who enjoy putting animals to sleep, they prefer to help them. It is possible that Tigger walks funny because there was an injury that may not have healed properly.

I'm not going to say anymore about Tigger. The real problem may be that your parents have the money, but are unwilling to spend it on getting medical help for an animal.
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All the cats in this house do not belong to my parents.Every cat belongs to a kid.We got them from friends and pet stores.

I think I'm going to become a prostitute to make enough money to take them all to the vet.I could make enough to buy crappy Christmas gifts.
Im not gonna post for three days because I HAVE to BECOME a PROSTITUTE in order for you people to stop the madness.I will take them all in three days.I'm going hooking now.By the way you have really ruined my self confidence and have brought my depression back.I didn't think I sucked at taking care of cats that MUCH!
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Being sarcastic and snide isn't going to help your cats. Why not have your parents come on the forum and discuss the issue if you feel unable to remedy the situation yourself?
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pets are a responsiblity, one that should be taken seriously. Obviously your 5 year old brother can't pay for his cats vet bills, so I would think your parents would pay for it. I can't imagine that he's paying for the food to feed his cat or the kitty litter either.

The people on this site all have in common their love for their animals and the fact that they would do anything to ensure their safety and health. I'm sorry that you can't understand that. Maybe it's because you're only 16. For awhile there you were actually conducting yourself in a somewhat mature manner. Your latest tantrum where you threatened to start hooking certainly made you seem all of 12.
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Don't talk about becoming a hooker. I have an idea for you. Since expensive gifts seem to be a concern in your family, tell your parents that you will give up one of your gifts so Mimi can go to the vet. Tell them that your cat's health is more important than anything they could ever buy for you. This is just one cat so the vet bill wouldn't be very expensive.
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Gee, Tasha, all I have to say is that a phone call to the vet is at least warranted ( if you have regular vet, that is). The last time my cat was vomiting profusely, it was a reaction to his vaccinations. He was fine, but had the vet not noted the reaction in his records, he could have had a worse and possibly fatal reaction the next year.

Now I'll be blunt. Your reaction and tantrum is simply more evidence to me that minors don't belong on the internet.
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Sorry, but I find it really hard that your parents who make over $120,000 a year cannot afford to pay a vet bill! Why not do what Deb25 suggested & call a vet just to see what they say, Tasha. It won't cost & it sure as heck won't hurt to do so. Like I said in my previous post, get out a phone book & look up low-cost veterinary care! Do you honestly think you do deserve a cat if you or your parents aren't willing to be a responsible pet owner and not take them to the vet. Everyone gets upset because you post & won't listen! What do you want us to say? Over here it only cost me around $35 to get a vaccination & a checkup. Your smart@&& remarks don't make things any better either..... Everyone is trying to help, you know, but you won't listen.
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