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Just curious... how many cats own you? I have 2 senior girls, one adult boy and one juvenile girl... Evey, Sierra, Neko, and Tehya!!! There are going to be more soon though... Tehya's tummy is getting bigger every day!!!
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We have two kittens that own our place. We brought Chloe home in January and Iris on May 12th!
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LOTS of cats have owned me during my life, but right now, 7 of them! Stinkie, Thumpie, Rat T, Tater Dude, Pretty Kitty (PK), Iddie Bit, and Mitzi. I have the strongest bond with Stinkie, but they all have me wrapped around their little paws. I love them so much!
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11 year old female -Spaz
7 year old male -Shadow
2 one year old brothers -Vash and Trouble
10 month old female -Cassi
2 month old female -Ivory
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I have 2, soon to be 3!

Monte- 7 months old
Vinnie - 4 1/2 months old
Caesar- 3 months old, we are picking him up this weekend!
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I'm owned by quite a few critters at the moment!

There is Elmo, Benja, Holly, Sophie, Muffin, Bridget, Lonestar, Dance, Wicket, Bubbles, Alf & one unnamed Tortoishell Persian - also my old doggy Jazz!

I also own Danlara & L.E May but they are currently living with my Nana.
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My sweet Sierra has full ownership of me! We will celebrate her 11th Birthday on July 27th!
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Fourteen right at the moment. Squirrel, Nottie, Wink, Cleo, Bailey, Prowler, Gypsy, Ghost, Madison, Mateus, Massey, Scuba, Oliver, and Tarzan.
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3 for me Baker, Cola, and Tango!
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2: Eponine (who turns 4 next week!!!) and Cosette, who's 4-months old tomorrow! Couldn't imagine life without my girls!
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6 for me (at the moment):

Snickers - 14 yr old boy
Dusty - 13 yr old girlie
Miss Jessie - 12 yr old girlie
K.C. - 12 yr old girlie
Zorro (a.k.a. "Buddy") - He just turned 7
Hammie, The Monster - He just turned 3

Love 'em all so much!!!!
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At the moment, 0 ...

After Sunday ... 2, 11 week old kittens --- Mithril and Narsil!
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One little girl, Cody at the moment. But I would LOVE to adopt another. Went to Petsmart this past weekend and met Thor, a little gray kitty from the Humane Association in need of a home. It broke my heart to see him there! Unforunately, I don't think Cody won't allow it and it would change her forever. Anybody else have this problem? Did the other kitty finally accept the new kitty?
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3 for me at the moment, but I'm constantly trying to talk Jerry into one more.

Trixie who's 4 this summer
Petals who's 3 this summer
Tiggy who is 2 this summer!

Come on, don't you all think I need one more!!???
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6 for me

Beamer- 13 years
Monster- 2 years
Lady - 2 years
Buffy- 1 year
Queenie- 1 year
Tazzy- 1 year
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I'm proudly owned by three adorable kitties - Katie, 12, Gracie, 6, and Pete, 10 months.
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4 currently-
Scooter-10 months
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Just the two boys right now.

Gandalf - 2
Samwise - 2

I keep thinking aboug getting another but I may be getting a small dog here shortly so we'll see. It'll be interesting me and three animals in my one bedroom apartment.
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i couldn't even list all the cats that have owned me in my life, but right at the moment there are 3 Cassie we got from the shelter when we bought our house last October...she's 2, then we found Mookie we got her when she was only 5 weeks old and i got her as a playmate for my daughter, then a couple days later i found a stray who was injured really badly and he owns us now too, the vet said they think he's probably 5 or 6 years old!
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