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we hit a cat last night

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Me and my hubby were coming back from taco bell late last night and we hit a dark colored cat that ran out in front of us. My hubby saw it and slammed on his brakes and started to swerve(but there was a car next to us) besides, it was to late.

We ran over it on the passenger side, that was the worst sound and worst feeling i have ever felt. Nothing will ever top it i dont think. We pulled over into a parking lot and sobbed loudly for almost 45 minutes till i couldnt cry anymore.

My husband checked on it to make sure it wasnt still alive. He came back and almost as soon as sat down he started crying.

I drove home and we cried all the way there. And then i cried all last night and this morning.
I still get upset, but i am better. I cant get the image of the poor kitty or the sound out of my head and it makes me sick.

I have prayed for the kitty and begged god for forgivness. I cant believe that happend. I never thought i would hit an animal.

it didnt have on a collar and looked kinda rough, so we figured it was a stray, but that entire main street has houses, so it could have been a pet, which made me cry even harder when i realized that.
but if it was a stray, my husband pointed out that at least someone cared about it and prayed for it...

there are alot of people around here that hit animals and just keep on going like they hit a peice of trash...

i really hope it wasnt someones pet...

i just had to tell you guys and get it off my chest
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Aww Meagan... I'm sorry that happened to you. Its never a good feeling when an animal gets hit. Hubby and I hit a bunny one night and I almost tossed up in the car. Then there was the entire racoon incident...

I think I would feel ten times worse if I hit a cat since I'm so fond of them.

There isn't really anything to say that will make you feel better about the situation but your hubby made a good point.

(Had to edit my post... I keep calling you by your cats name!!!)
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When I see a dead cat by the side of the road, I go through a small mental ritual where I "send the soul to Bast(et).." It makes me feel better, it's sort of a release.

But it's still awful that they were unloved enough that they were on the street instead of safe with a caregiver and these things make me angry .

There was nothing you could do. Sometimes these things just happen. If s/he was rough and most likely a stray (or a neglected pet) s/he has release now.

Be at peace.
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I can only imagine how hard that must have been for you. You husband was right though, at least that cat had you two to care enough about it to send it away on a prayer.
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How horrible. You feel so bad when something like that happens. But at least you stopped to make sure he was no longer alive. I have seen people hit animals here in Australia and just keep driving.
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Oh, Meagan, I'm so sorry this happened. What a horrible feeling. It was a complete accident, the precious kitty knows you never meant to harm him. I know he has forgiven you and is watching over you now from Heaven. Please don't blame yourself, it was not your fault. There's just no way this could have been avoided. Thank you for sharing your painful experience with us.
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thank you guys so much. ya'lls support and reassurance mean so much to me

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I'm so sorry to hear this Meagan! Hugs to you.
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this must be so hard - when i was a kid, my mom hit a dog. she stopped & went up to the closest house, but they had never seen it before. this was out in the country, & it ws the only house around. even if you had gone to the houses, chances are it didn't belong to anyone nearby. feel better soon!
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I'm so sorry I hit a squirrel once and that really bothered me for a while after. There is no way it was your fault, and where was the owner? I really get upset when owners don't take care of their cats and things like this happen!
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I truly sympathise - I know how dreadful it makes you feel. I hit a cat once too. I got out of my car, but couldn't find it. I abandoned where I was going and went home and got my father and a torch and we searched for it, but never found it, so I never knew what happened to it, how injured it was or if it survived. But that happened when I still lived with my parents -my oldest child is now 11, so you can take a guess about how long ago it was. But I still remember it and the guilt vividly. Don't beat yourself up, there's no way you could have avoided it.
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I was in my friends car driving down a street when I saw a cat dart out into the street right in front of us. I heard the thumping sounds underneath and told him to pull over. We got out to look for the cat, but it was nowhere to be found. I really hope it was ok. It isn't a nice sound to hear...
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I, too, have hit a cat - fortunately, it was over immediately. But I felt so bad!! It was a large, Morris-type orange tomcat. I especially symphathize with all of you others who knew the cat was hit, but it ran off before you could help. Not knowing the outcome is the worst feeling, whether it's a cat, skunk, dog, deer,etc. What really impressed me in a positive way was that you all took the time to stop & check on the cat - not only is that the right thing to do, it shows your compassionate hearts!! God Bless you all! Susan
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My dad thought he hit a cat once... but it wasnt it was a raccoon!... im sorry that you hit it its ok
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