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cat not using litter box

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This question is about my 14 year old female cat. She has recently began peeing on the floor. She did this for a while a few months ago, and stopped after about 2 weeks. She stays indoors, but since she used to be an outside cat, she sometimes cries to go out. We've been keeping her in for over a year now, so I'm not sure if that is the problem. We also have two others cats that stay outside, which she sometimes sees us feeding or playing with. We've had them for about 3 years, so again I'm not sure if they're the problem. It seems like she'll pee in her box one day, and go on the floor the next. Her behavior started about a week ago, when she pooped on the floor twice in two days. She went in her box for 2 days, then started peeing, and seems to do it almost everyday now. She only pees in one room, the same room her box is located in, and has yet to go in the same area twice. She's not peeing more than usual, dribbling, or peeing in her sleep. Our vet said she was fine, but we're thinking about taking her to another vet, and getting more tests run. We're considering getting her put to sleep, but wanted to make sure her behavior was due a bladder control problem, and not something else. Is the behavior I've described consistent with lose of bladder control due to old age, or something else?

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Has she had bloodwork done? Did it include a t4 level? Was a urinalysis done? Older cats can get urinary tract infections, diabetes, chronic renal failure, and hyperthyroidism. All of these conditions could cause the problems you are describing. Before you consider euthanising her I would rule out these conditions.
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