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Random Question

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Anyone ever get a headache from having your hair tied too tight?? Mines been up in a claw all day and I had a headache, as soon as I took my hair down the headache went away. How odd.
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All the time
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Those claws especially give me headaches! I had to stop using them on a regular basis.
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Oh, you bet!!
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One of the reasons I rarely wear my hair up.

And it's miserably hot in the summer to have it down too
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Yeah, the claws are definetly hard on your hair (not to mention the headaches they give)
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Mine does that! Especially when my hair is really long.
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yes!! whenever i have my hair back in a ponytail, i get the worst headaches!
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
One of the reasons I rarely wear my hair up.

And it's miserably hot in the summer to have it down too
Being in Fla. with long hair isn't comfortable-I have to wear a ponytail or it'll stick to my neck, or generally bug me. But it does give me headaches. If I start with a headache, it makes it worse..
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A lot! I always wear my hair up..
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I get headaches from those also so now I use "scrunchies". I normally don't have a problem with scrunchies unless I pull it way too tight. But when I do get a headache from my hair being pulled back too tight the best thing in the world is to wash it and just massage the scalp.
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When my hair is tied up super tight I get headaches too!
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Yep, I have such fine thin hair I have to tie it tight and usually get a headache
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Yeah, I get that. It comes from your hair being put into an unnatural position for too long... like, hair up in buns, braids piled on your head, "the claw", a ponytail pulled too tight up high for too long...

Your hair naturally wants to cascade, fall down... and when ya pull it up, there's the soreness!!!

I get scalp tenderness all the time. The longer your hair is & thicker/heavier it is, the more sore your scalp will become! Mine's to my waist, so I do the braided bun thing or pin it up somehow. By the time I reach my car at the end of the night, I'm pulling all of those things out & letting it fly! Donation day will be so liberating!
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Oh, yes! I have thick hair, and its past my shoulders, and if I put it up in a ponytail when I havent had it thinned out in awhile, it'll not only make my scalp sore but cause a headache. The curse of thick hair!
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I never wear my hair up, so I am out of the loop on this.
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Having my hair up all the time for school and work gave me horrible headaches, that is why I cut my hair fairly short. I never thought I would like it, but it is so easy.
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