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I feel so lucky

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Today I had to watch a movie in English class, called Escape from Sobibor.

It was so heartwrenching. They showed nude Jews being piled in the gas chambers, screaming woman and sobbing babies. It was just...just...I don't even have the words to discribe it. They showed people being shot, whipped...I can't even go on.

I just sat there, with my hand over my mouth, gasping in horror and sadness.

My grandparents were European Jews, and my mom (she's old ) was born only 3 years after the war was over.

I'm so lucky! This was the most upsetting movie I have ever seen.
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It's hard watching those isn't it? I saw them in school too, and yes you feel very lucky, and blessed that we have all that we do and are not facing that kind of horror. It is hard also thinking that people even today are constantly scared for their lives. Watching those shows reminds me of that~

We are lucky and blessed. I wish more people today would remember that~
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Your words fit perfectly, Ashley. I do too. To think there are people in the world who are starving and hungary. I just came home and hugged my mom.
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Oh, I've seen that movie too! In my social studies class, we were just finishing the Holocaust; it really was a terrible terrible tradgedy, and even though none of my family are Jewish, I still cringe at the horrible things that happened during WWII. Ever read the book "The Survivor"? It has to do with the Holocaust in the Warsaw Ghetto, which is in Poland. I strongly reccomend it, its a wonderful book. PM me if you need anything else (lol I've become a bit of an expert from my classes )
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You've seen it too? What did you think? I thought that the acting was great, maybe a bit too good. How could anyone be so evil?
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not sure, i dreaded moving here because of Anne frank, and another movie we saw, cant remember the name it could be the movie youare talking about though.

But think about it, we are still evil, just not published as much as ww2 and not so many are hurt this time.
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Thanks for sharing Jenny!
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It was so sad what happened to all those Jewish people wasn't it.
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Very. Devastating...just devasating...
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I just can't imagine how a human mind can be so cruel, heartless, sick. Who cares what religion, race, nationality, sex, etc a person is? No one is any better than anyone else and I think it's a terrible terrible tradgedy what happened to all of those defensless people........
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Oh I can relate .... I went to the holocaust museum in Washington DC a couple of years ago and I still cannot believe the atrocities the people went through - and the biggest impact was the shoes, and the smell of the shoes. I will never get that out of my mind.

I have a friend here who hates Jewish people and it just makes me sick the way he puts them down. Haven't they been through enough??
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I can't believe that there are people so arrogant to think they have the right to do such horrible things to other people. When I was in High School they showed the movie The Holocaust with Meryl Streep and James Woods. They also showed a film about Anne Frank. I'm glad that the memory of the holocaust is being kept alive so that we never forget about the atrocities committed against so many innocent people (jews, slavs, gays, intelligentsia, etc.) Just thinking about it makes me feel like crying

And then there are some crackpots who try to pretend that the holocaust never happened. I visited Auschwitz in 1987 and saw the Arbeit Macht Frei sign. I saw the narrow concrete sleeping chambers that are about the size of a coffin, if not smaller. I saw the buildings where innocent people were gassed to death. I could feel a sense of dread as I walked through the place. Oh yes, it happened all right!
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Thanks for understanding everyone. It feels like it effects me more then others at my school. I can't believe the Nazis just went around shooting people.

Also, poor Anne.

She wrote in her diary she loved cats. She had one that she gave up to someone to care for it while she went into hiding.
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We have to keep the memory alive because that is the only way to stop it happening again - human nature doesn't change. Only ten years ago people were killing and torturing each other here where I live because they belonged to a different religion or 'ethnicity', spurred on by evil leaders. In my classes, I have many students who lost fathers, uncles, even older brothers. And also many of them were forced to spend their childhood years separated from their families as they were sent abroad to safety, just as some Jewish children were in WW2. Sadly, some things never change.
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