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Spay Day

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We're off to the vet in 10 minutes, today is Spay Day for both Cagney and Lily!

They're both mad at me, no food since last night, and no water this morning....poor kids!
Cagney threw up twice last night, I don't know how she could know, but I think she's nervous? :paranoid2

Will let you know how it went when we return. Wish us luck?
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All the very best Cleo,Cagney and Lily will be home before you know it Aww don't they make you feel awful when you can't feed them,I bet they will eat loads when they are getting over thier op
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All the best to all three of you!! Im sure they'll do just fine and make up for the lost meals as soon as they get home!! You'd better watch they don't turn into little podgeballs!! (well, no more so than they are already anyway!! hee hee)

Lots of kisses to them from me!! (hmmm for some reason it won't load the smilie page, so you'll have to settle for this dodgey looking kissy thing ok? :x - no, its not a skull and cross bones!!! ha ha ha)
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good luck to the girls! they will pull through with flying colors. :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
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Good luck Cleo Not like they're going to need it. You are for your nerves :laughing2 They'll be fine, I hope you will be too. I get so nervous when they go in for that! Simple as it may seem to be, I hate the prepration. No food and water. I feel they think I don't love them no more
Rhea's right, be careful that they don't turn into little pudgies and make sure they're always entertained with new toys (I don't know why I'm telling a cat person this! :laughing2 I guess I'm reminding myself too. :LOL::LOL:

Talk to ya soon

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The girls are at the vet, and I pick them up at 4, they looked so sad when I left them...Cagney even meowed at me as I walked out

I knew Lily was a Moose, but when they got weighed, I was surprised to find out that Cagney (3 years) weighs 6 1/2 pounds, and Lily (8 months) weighs in at 8 pounds 3 ounces! MOOOOO! :laughing2
She's not fat...just big...and still growing!

I'm gonna try to take a nap, been up since 5:45 and I usually go to bed at 4:00...so I'm a little goofy right now

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Okay, I'm awake...pretty much

Does anyone have any advice or tips on things I can do to make the girls more comfortable when they get home?

I'll be keeping them in the bedroom, away from Rudy, and where its quieter.
I knowq they're going to be sore, and probably want to just sleep.

Any helpful hints?

I know the vet will talk to me, but I'd love some first-hand, expert advice from people who have been there!
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I picked my 2 little pound kitties up directly from the vet clinic when I adopted them. The first evening they just layed around and were quiet. They were back to normal within 48 hours

sorry I don't have any helpful suggestions, but I know they'll feel better in no time!
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I tried to keep Spawn separated from our rottweiler, "Billie", but it seemed Spawn was more miserable alone. She sat on one side of the bedroom door and yowled while Billie sat on the other side of the door sighing and whining. It was really quite cute. So I finally let Spawn out, and Billie sniffed and licked her and they settled down together and Spawn finally went to sleep curled up with Billie. I doubt that's the best thing to do in most situations, but in this one it was the only thing that kept the 3 of us sane!
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Cleo - here's hoping all went well today and your babes are home with you now!
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Cleo....this must be the day for spaying! Two of my girls, Phoebe and Tabitha(moma), went in to be spayed today. I will pick them up tomorrow.
I am sure your babies will be fine, but it does make us worry when they are gone from us!
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We're home, safe and mostly sound.

Poor Lily cant walk straight, or more than about 3 steps, and Cagney can stand, but falls over after a few seconds, even if she's just sitting up!
I think the vet may have given them both a bit too much anesthesia?
Its been 6 hours since they got home, and they're both still looped.

Also, Cagneys incision is only about 3/4 of an inch, and 3 small tight stitches that lay nice and flat, but Lily's is about 2 inches, and looks like a huge crease. I don't know if maybe 2 separate Dr's did them, and thats why they're so different, or what?
They told me all went fine, but why is there such a big difference in the incisions?

Oh heck, I probably just worry too much :paranoid3 but I think its kinda odd.

Anyway, they're both sleeping, and I should be too...so g'night all, and thanks again!
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I am sure that they will be fine, you are such a good cat mom!!! And I am so glad they are home with you, now!!!
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Glad to hear their home Cleo When Opie and Job came home from the vet, it appeared that they were in a bit more discomfort than my other cats. I was worried, but they were okay within a few days. I still didn't understand as to why that happened to both of them. Usually, my cats would come home disoriented from the anesthesia, but not in pain...or at least it wasn't so noticable. I guess each time is different, but then again, I've had the same vet I've had for years and years. He's getting much older. I think he should retire to be honest. I love him to death, but....need I say more. He's one of the nicest folks around. I think he should take a nice long break...he deserves it

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When i adopted Sophie the SPCA vets had already just spayed her, poor dear, all alone in that shelter and recovering from surgery. Anyway, she was newly shaved and had a little 3 inch or so "crease" down her tummy, no visible stitches. Her's was oozing a little a bit though, so I kept really close on it until I got to her the doctor (they said because it was dried up she'd be fine). They'd also shaved part of her front right leg 'cause apparently that's where the anasthesia needle goes in. awwwww She's a feisty one though; up at at 'em the minute I got her home! :LOL:

Good luck I'm sure Cagney and Lily will bounce back in no time!
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It's 4 a.m. Friday morning, I just got home from work and checked my girls. They both are pretty much back to normal...whatever that is!

Lily's "owie" looks much smaller, must have just been a bit swollen. There's been no oozing from either cat, and both are healing wonderfully!

Funny thing happened earlier today though...'lil Rudy and his Momma Cagney were laying on my bed, Rudy snuggled up to Cagney and tried to nurse...BAM! she nailed him with a left hook that sent him about 3 feet back and right off the bed! He immediately climbed up my leg, not good as I was dressing for work (owwwww!) and sat on the far end of the bed looking at her like "Mom, what? I'm a good boy, what'd I do?" Poor little guy, he looked so forlorn with his big blue eyes in that tiny black face! I just had to pick him up and give him a big cuddle! He hasn't tried it since though, at least not that I've seen. If you're trying to wean a kitten, I highly reccommend it! :LOL:

Thanks for all the advice guys, I really appreciate it!
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awww poor little guy!!! Sweet!! Im sure "Mummy Cleo" made it all better for him.....
Glad to hear the girls are doing well!! Lots of kisses to them!
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How's it whiskers doin!? awww poor little lover! Cash is stilly trying to nurse from Murphy! OH Jeez! :LOL:

I'm sooo happy to hear that your babies are doing well. I went over to the pictures, pictures thread last nite and was just purusing through it and came up on Lily...oh what a sweet lil' face! Do you remember posting that...she's a doll!

Well, again, glad to hear that things are as "normal" as can be expected....I just found a frame and it's glass smashed to bits...hahaha...hmmmm....I wonder which one was the culprit...:LOL:
I don't care...they run my life...what's a frame?

Love ya,
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