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I'm so sorry. This just happened to me earlier this month. My uncle died very unexpectedly - he was only 65. His funeral was very sad, but it was good to talk to other people that loved and missed him; were in shock, as we were; and it provided some closure on such a sudden, tragic loss. My heart and thoughts are with you.
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I am very sorry for your sudden loss.
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Thanks again everyone. I think I managed to fall asleep at about 1.30 this morning! I didn't wake up until about 7. I had the most weird dreams about the funeral and stuff, it was horrible. I think it's all sinking in now, even though I feel kind of strange about it. Anyway, I am at work now so I am sure that will help me feel better! Thanks again
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Oh Gilly, hon, I am so so so sorry for your loss I know it's very little consolation, but in a way you've been lucky to go so long without losing any family members. Of course, that doesn't take any pain away from you now. You and your family (esp. your father!) are in my thoughts and prayers. Sending lots of good vibes and hugs your way {{{{{}}}}}. The girls send purrs and head butts. I hope your dad takes the news well; I think it is great that you all are being cautious about his physical well-being.
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I'm so sorry you lost your Uncle, Gilly. You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts during this painful time. May God give you strength and peace in your heart.
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Well since I first posted, there was a post morterm. It wasn't a heart attack, but a blood clot on the brain. He died instantly

The cremation was yesterday and to be honest, it was awful. From the moment we arrived at my aunts house people were in tears. Seeing the cars arrive and the hearse was really difficult. I have never seen a coffin that close up before. Reading all the messages on the cards was heart breaking.

Inside the crematoriam was full of emotion. I found it hard to concentrate because I could hear sobbing all around me, which for some reason I didn't expect My two cousins, age 23 and 27 did the most amazing tribute to their father. The held each other together and gave each other strength. They chose Robbie William's Angels to be played at the end, which summed up the atmosphere.

The wake was fully catered for at a nearby venue. They had lots of pictures of my uncle all over the place, my mum and dad were in quite a few of them as well. To be honest, I was glad when I got home last night as I was so tired and had a headache etc.

Anyway, back to work today and thanks for all the kind wishes above
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It's all over now Gilly I try and avoid funerals where possible, but have them in my thoughts on the day of their funeral

I suppose theres one blessing in the fact that it was quick for your uncle so he didn't have to suffer
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aw sweetie, I'm sorry We're all thinking of you
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So sorry to hear of your loss. You and your family are in my prayers.
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for you Gilly. How is your dad holding up? What a shock for the whole family.

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Gilly, encourage your mom and dad to talk about your uncle. Ask them to share some of the fun times. Thats one of the things most survivors miss. Everyone around them is afraid to talk about the person who died because they're afraid to upset the spouse/parent/friend. But talking helps in the grief process. And you might find out some wonderful things about your uncle.
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