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YAY I Got A Job

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About two weeks ago I posted that I had an interview. Well I never heard back from them and I had called and left messages....

So I gave up on them when they didn't return my calls and I went to a local nursing home and applied and was hired ON THE SPOT. I'm going to start in about two weeks once I get my CPR renewed!! Yay!! I'll be working evenings 2-10 three to four days a week and then increase my hours when hubby is gone to Iraq.

I'm a little nervous to begin work again and not totally excited about it but the extra money will be WONDERFUL. I'll be getting $14.50 an hour with a .50 pay raise after six months. Not too shabby.
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, and good luck with the new job!
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Congrats! The perfect job was just waiting for you.
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YAY!! Beth that is great!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats!! How exciting for you!!
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Congratulations. What a rewarding job. All the best to you.
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but arent you scared of hubby going to iraq?
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Excelent New Dear Beth!!!!
Congratulations!!! this deseve a Big PArty!
The margarites and the Tequilas sunrises on my own!!!
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Congrats!!!! That is awesome!!
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That's wonderful Beth!!!!! Good luck in your new job!!!!
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Originally Posted by fwan

but arent you scared of hubby going to iraq?
Of course I am scared of him leaving. But its something that I am going to have to deal with no matter what. I don't want to sound like I am brushing off the fact that he has to go but I knew from day one when we came back into the military life that he was going to have to leave for a year and that is a sacrifice I was going to have to make. I'm not going to sit and whine about it when I knew full well what was going to happen. All I can do is make the best out of the situation and right now that is spending as much time as I can with him and banking money while he is away.
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Hey Congrats!!!
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I hear it is hard finding a job these days.
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Congratulations ! It always feels good when you get hired for a job! It sounds great, best of luck!!
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Congratulations Beth. I am really happy for you!
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Congratulations Beth That is wonderful news! It'll be good to have a job to help pass the time when your husband is in Iraq. I'm very happy for you
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Congrats! Wanna send some of that luck my way?
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WAY TO GO BETH! That's a good starting wage too! What will be your duties there?
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Wow congrats! I wish I could say the same soon!
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