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Lady Lilly

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I know its been a while since I have posted anything on TCS, but I took these pics yesterday and I thought they were too cute not to share. Our little lady is starting to make herself much more at home now, since coming home with us 2 months ago. Here she is looking very elegant with her paws crossed.

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I can see why you call her "Lady Lilly" ... she is just beautiful.
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Hello m' Lady!

I am glad that Lilly is settling in now! She is very pretty
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Awww, Lilly, you are quite the elegant little lady! What a beautiful girl you are!
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Originally Posted by xocats
I can see why you call her "Lady Lilly" ... she is just beautiful.
She´s absolutely adorable!!!!
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Aw, such a sweet girl!!
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She's just stunning!!!
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she is adorable!
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She's a beauty, love the pics!
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Lady Lilly is so beautiful and regal! She looks really sweet too!
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aw Lilly is beautiful!
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she sure is stunning
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Oh Beryl, she is gorgeous!! I am so happy to see that she has settled down - she looks mighty comfortable in her new home! You must be so pleased!!
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Good grief is it 2 months already?!.

She certainly looks well settled now!
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hello lady lilly are you and ebony getting along yet?
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