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Cat Food

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I know, another cat food question you say I have a one year old Maine Coon mix named Alex. We got Alex from a shelter when he was 9 weeks old. He was actually at a foster home the whole time but we adopted him through the shelter. Anyway, we dont know for sure that he is a Maine Coon, he looks like one. He could very well be full Maine Coon, or a mix or not at all. But He has been on Royal Canin since before we got him. A couple months ago I switched him from the kitten food to the Maine Coon Royal Canin. I really like it, he seems to do real well on it and his coat is absolutely beautiful on it. I have trouble finding it sometimes. Usually I can get it at Petco or Petsmart. I have to drive out of town to those stores. There was a small pet store in town that sells it but now they dont. One thing I really like about the Maine Coon food is that the kibble is really big, its like dog food chunks. Alex tends to eat too fast and with small kibble will just swallow it whole which then results in him throwing up. With the bigger kibble he has to chew it. Anyway, my question.....does anyone know of another cat food that has the big chunks like that? I'm thinking of switching foods if I can find a good quality food that I can find easily and has the bigger chunks. Anyone know?

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Petsmart has a website. Maybe you could buy the Royal Canin online.


(This is not an affiliate link, the numbers ID the specific product)
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I am unsure how big the kibble is but both Natural choice by Nutro and sensible choice by Royal canin seem reasonabley big to me since they have adental component to them
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