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Good vibes for Ivory please

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I gotten some weight on my little girl, and got her infections cleared up.

She has an appointment with her vet on Wednesday to have her right eye removed.

After swelling went down and the cloudiness from the infections cleared, it's quite easy to see now that the eye is pretty badly damaged.

Lesions/ulcers on the surface, and a detatched retina.

The good news is that she actually does have some vision in her left eye, though limited, and it looks like a healthy eye aside from vision problems.
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for Ivory! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well for her.
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I'm sending health vibes and saying prayers for Ivory. Get well soon, sweet Ivory!
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Get well soon little Ivory We will be thinking of you!
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Ivory sending you lots of healing vibes and fingers crossed for a quick recovery.
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Oh no! I´m so sorry to heard that
My best wishes to her for a soon recovery..
Sending (((((((((( good vibes ))))))))) too!
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Lotsa vibes for continued progress for Ivory, and successful surgery.
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I'm sending good vibes Ivory's way!
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awwwww sweet little Ivory - sending LOTS & LOTS of ((((((vibes)))))) your way from across the ocean.... stay brave little one

let us know how the surgery goes
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Poor little girl. I hope all goes well.
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Sweet are in my thoughts & prayers little furbaby.
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My little girl is in surgery right now.
If all goes well, my little winking bug will be home tonight.
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Best of luck to you and Ivory. She'll be home before you know it!
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Well, Ivory still has her eye.
Her vet did bloodwork and discovered she still has an underlying infection.
She refilled her clavamox and increased her dose, she also put her on vitamins and rescheduled.

Update is late, my hard drive died on me, took a few days to get a tech out here.
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Good luck wuith it - Hang on in there, Ivory and I am sure you will be better soon
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I am so sorry little Ivory is having such a difficult time with her eye. I hope the infection clears up soon, so the vet can finish what needs to be done for her. Please keep us posted about her progress. Prayers are coming your way.
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Ivory finally had her surgery today.
Everything went smoothly, and she is back home, trying her best to be like her normal self.

Her right eye was removed easily, though it was the size of a pingpong ball, on a 3 month old kitten the size of a 1 month old, it had been putting pressure on her brain and sinus cavity.
No bleeding, the eye was essentially dead and was sent for biopsy.

She purrs now!
And her nose is runny, she should be able to shake that sinus infection now.

They put their smallest e-collar on her, but it's too big, I rigged it smaller, but it's still not quite right, I'm thinking I'll have to go buy a ferret sized e-collar tomorrow.

I'm just so happy she's finally gotten that done, now all she needs to do is heal and be a kitten.
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Oh my gosh little one.
Arlyn, you are taking such good care of Ivory.
I will be praying that your sweet baby heals without further problems.
Please update the biopsy results when you get the info.
Head butts from Dexter & Sadie for baby Ivory.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
now all she needs to do is heal and be a kitten.

I just saw this thread, and am pleased to hear that the surgery went well and I hope her infections continue to improve

enjoy being a kitten now sweet Ivory we look forward to hearing more and more about you
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I'm just so happy this is all overwith.

She had her second worming on Friday, so her weight gain is starting to look normal instead of her looking like a furry football.

I'll be so happy when her antibiotics run is up, I'm sure she's quite fed up with having stuff shoved in her face.
She's just been such a trooper, taking everything in stride and still behaving like the baby she is.
She loves curling up on my chest, on her back, getting her ears rubbed, and chewing on my fingers.
She bounces around the room with her mom and big brother Vash.
Vash comes in for visits, but otherwise they are still cut off from the rest of the horde, Vash has claimed them both as his though, so he's trusted.
Integration can finally begin in two weeks when my bug gets her stitches out.
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I am touched by your patience & love for little "bug." Many people might have given up on her, but you have not.
It will be wonderful when she can safely join the rest of your babies.
When things settle down for you & Ivory...I would love to see pictures of all of them. Thanks for the update.
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