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Hello all!

I adopted Smidge just over a month ago, and the no destroy shelter said when she was found she had a puncture wound (and infection from it). The shelter had her treated and said she would return to 100% "normal".

She walks on the "elbow" or "wrist" of her paw sometimes, or stands that way. It isnt all the time, but she wasnt 100%, so I took her to the vet this w/e. (she runs, walks, jumps fine, whether she is using her right paw normally or not. IMO she has adapted and isnt suffering from it)

Her paw also isnt "straight" when it is out - kinda has a curve. The vet thought it might be dislocated, and xrayed it. Best guess is during the puncture wound mishap it broke the paw bone where her toes come out. She was a kitten, and the bones were still growing, and they healed badly. The vet said there is nothing to be done for her.

She is just a year or so (no one knows for sure) and I wanted to hear anyone else's experience with a "defective" cat and what to expect? I worry as the years go on it may lead to other stuff?

Thank you.

PS: While we were at the vet, a film crew was there and had me sign a release to shoot Smidge in a video, I got in a bit too, but it was mostly her. My movie star!