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Sheesh guys sorry about this but I just have to moan to someone!! grrrr.....Last night we went round my inlaws (deep joy) to watch the film "Cats & Dogs" - not a problem right?!! WRONG!!! Im sure it was a great film - but I hardly got to see any of it cos my husbands stupid little brother (who is 17 and knows EVERYTHING of course) kept making comments all the way through it why dogs are better than cats!!! ARRRGGGHHHHH WHO CARES???!!!! ITS A FILM!!!!!! ALL the way through, he'd be saying stuff like "cats aren't loyal, you can't train cats (to which I said, "yes you can you idiot, how do you think they learn to use a litterbox?! can a dog do that?!!"), cats go to the loo in the house, cats aren't as affectionate as dogs" etc etc....can you see how unbelieveably annoying this was??!!! And when a cat slapped a dog or something he'd say "yeah right like a cat would be able to beat a dog" DUUUUHHHHHH SHUT UP!!! grrrrrr.... sorry guys but he was really doing my head in!! THEN, he started going on about how my job is sooo easy and I just sit on my butt all day!! Gees I REALLY wanted to hit him!! Excuse me, but I "sit on my butt" all day dealing with irate customers and people who just continually moan and who aren't satisfied with anything you do!! If you'd like to swap with me I'd be more than happy you little weiner!!! arrrrrggghhhhh!!! Ok, Im going to breathe now....thanks for that people!!
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:laughing2 Sorry I know your really mad but I had to laugh especially at "you little weiner!" LOL! Anyway, I know how you feel. I have a little cousin who is the exact same; he has an opinon about EVERYTHING! So don't let it get you down, he's only being a kid and a little boy at that! Love to all,
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Aww Bodlover, I know how you feel, its very irritating when someone is talking all the way through a film.I remember trying to watch Titanic last Christmas,and a relative of ours was nag nag nag all the way through lol. Its just as well I taped it

I might buy that film, you was trying to watch for Jenna, I'm sure she would love it

I hope you get to watch it in peace next time

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It sounds like your brother-in-law is just acting his age, eventually, he'll be easier to be with! It could be that this is one of those little things that are really annoying when they actually happen, and laughed about when they are looked back at a few years later. It's just a movie, you can always rent it and watch it again!
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:laughing2 OOO..I hate that too! I mean, I really don't like to say I "HATE", but when it comes to cats...if someone really doesn't understand or like them, ....well, that person's usually on my "sh** list. It's just the way I am. I don't trust people that don't like cats. We have a guy at the job that's always trying to challenge me as to why cats are better than dogs, I just sit there and look down at him...as if to say..."I don't have to answer you, because if you're so smart you'd already know the answer! :laughing2 My boss (Mike, my best bud) had to explain it to him, cause he kept wondering why I never anwswered. Now the guy's so pissed! :laughing2 Terrible news for him too, I'll be his foreman/supervisor in a month. HAHAHAHA! Nah, he's a good worker, when he's got his trap shut! :LOL:

I can definitely relate to that! :LOL::LOL: No matter how ya slice it, it's still damn annoying!!

Love ya,
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Thanks guys! It does seem kinda funny now reading throught it again, but I still wanna hit him!!! ha ha ha ha (I don't think that will EVER change, he just has one of those REALLY ANNOYING personalities!! ha ha ha...) He is ALWAYS bugging me!! :laughing: (Although this weekend he stayed at our house while we were away, I told him STRICTLY that NO-ONE was to go in our bedroom (cos it was full of junk and washing that had been in another room!) and when I got home, I found the bed had been messed up and his friend had slept in there!!!! THAT was NOT funny! )

Ps, Cat!! Ha ha ha ha ha....when you're his supervisor/boss - you can ORDER him to like cats!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha (or at least to pretend he does in your presence!! ha ha ha...):tounge2:
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I like both cats and dogs. When someone is being very negative and critical about cats in comparison to dogs I have a couple of answers I sometimes use. Since cats are dignified animals, I tell the person that it's dog behavior and the cat doesn't want to lower himself like that and other times I might just tell them that the cat is above all that stuff. It depends on what the person is whining about, and so far it has worked!
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:laughing: Rhea, Hubbies little brother sounds like a real pain in the butt! I would have been rewinding the tape every dang time he made a comment, just to show him how irrate I was that he was interrupting the movie with his dumb remarks! :LOL: I am sure you handled it better than I would have!!!
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